Monday, August 18, 2014

1 Year in Alabama

A year ago we loaded up a big ole truck and made our way South to Alabama. This year has gone by fast but we have had lots of fun exploring, making new friends, and making the new house our home.

Some things I've learned in the past year:
  • Everyone asks: Alabama or Auburn? We we first moved I got Colin an Auburn shirt, because I liked the navy blue. But that is the only Auburn thing I have purchased. When he picks a football cookie at Edgar's, he always picks the Alabama one. We all have our own Alabama shirts and I think I ended up being drawn to the fact that is has the state on it, just like I enjoy having some Tennessee Titans shirts.
  • The best times to go grocery shopping or out to eat? During a college football game. No joke. We ate at a Mexican restaurant when we first moved to Helena. I heard it was really good, but it was completely empty when we got there. Like a ghost town. We thought we made a bad decision and picked somewhere bad. Then we noticed the game on the TV and realized everyone was either at a bar or at home watching.
  • People cannot drive here. At first I noticed people go either really fast and put you in danger on the interstate or drive unbelievably slow, which sometimes be equally dangerous! Then I starting seeing people U-turn everywhere. It drives me crazy - do you people pass where you intend to go that much?? And on top of that, I have witnessed people driving down the wrong side of a (divided) street/road on at least two separate occasions.
  • Extreme weather. OK, maybe this isn't a norm, but since we've been here we have had an ice storm, flooding, and some extremely hot days. I am looking forward to some cooler fall days (when the bees and wasps go away!!)
1 year down, hopefully many more to go!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (late)

Not much to say. We've been playing, frying fish like Jim, and most of the time working on the bathroom remodel. We torn out everything but the bathtub and started over. Last weekend we (as in Andrew and I) laid a new tile floor. I am so happy with it and learned a lot about tiling and plan to do more!

Bathroom before (and during demo):

New tile floor!