Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I finished just finished Twilight. I managed to read 500 page book in 24 hours. This coming from a girl that typically doesn't read for fun. I am taking the second one and putting it in my carry on bag and then high in the closet so I can't start it until I leave...or the night before while I pack my carry on.

Who knew a book about vampires could be so interesting. I will say, they aren't scary vampires. When I recommended these to Cassie, I told her I pictured the main character to look like Tom Welling (Clark Kent on Smallville). Edward isn't a bad guy. He protects Bella (his Lana Lang) and is so careful not to hurt her, like his instincts would naturally lead him to do.

Sooooo good. Like I said, not scary, however, it did freak me out a bit when I was reading the part of story containing the bad vampire and my crazy dog starts barking at the corner of the room...the empty corner. Nothing freaks me out more than a dog barking at emptiness. OK, I lied - I am also afraid of all scary movies and gnomes...and when Andrew hides and jumps out at me...gets me everytime.


I am not someone who reads a lot. I usually stick to Nicholas Sparks and the Shopaholic series. They are easy to read and not terribly long. Monday, a girl I worked with suggested I read the Twilight series. She said she doesn't really read much, but she read the first book in one day on her vacation. Then finished the second one on Monday. I knew it had been made into a movie and was going to be released this week, but still wasn't sure what it was about, except that it had vampires. Not really on the list of things I care to read about.

However, I was interested after seeing the movie trailers and decided I might as well pick up the book and read it on vacation next week. She suggested I purchase the first two, in case I read through them quickly. Last night I sat down to start Twilight because I knew if I started in the airport, I would never get into it. (I can't concentrate with people walking around and keeping track of luggage and all the activity going on.) Well, I will be finished with the first one before I even start packing. I read half of it last night. It is so good. I am hooked.

She now had advised me to purchase the third before I leave. I will probably take her advice.
I am now passing on the advice. Give it a try.

Tag, I'm it

Emily tagged me. Here is the deal:

Go to your fourth picture folder and then go to the fourth picture in the folder.Write four things about the picture and then tag four other people.It's amazing what you'll find!!!

1) This picture was taken on the best day ever - my wedding day!
2) You can't see it, but my shoes had stones all over the top of the bands. They were the third pair of wedding shoes I bought (well, those Cindy surprised me with at my shower) and they were the ones I loved. Unfortunately, the stones kept catching on the massive slip under my dress, which made it hard to walk without getting caught and tripping. So to fix this, I had to cover all of the stones with scotch tape. =( I still have those shoes but had them dyed black. I love them. =P
3) Poor Andrew. He got seriously pelted with bird seed on the "run" to the limo. A month later, he was at work and he felt something weird in his ear. He still had a piece of bird seed in there.
4) I am also sporting my "something old" and "something blue" in this picture. Something Old - my grandma gave me an old handkerchief my grandpa brought back from overseas while in the army. I pinned it to the inside of my dress. Something Blue - my panties. =)

So, since only 4 people read my blog, those are the four I will tag:
1) Cassie
2) Casey
3) Emily
4) Mary Leigh

And since 3 of you already have been tagged, I only expect to see Cassie complete this. She need to update anyway!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 months

OK, so I have done the no meat thing for three months now. Not too bad! I feel good and I don't miss the meat. Well, a grilled ham and cheese did sound good the other day, but picking out the gross fatty pieces didn't sound too good. So I got over that real fast.

The only difficult thing: everything (at least soup wise) is made with chicken broth! Which doesn't gross me out... so I may need a new category for myself: I don't eat meat b/c I don't like it, but it if is made with chicken broth, I am OK with it. What on earth would that be? I won't label myself vegetarian anymore. I will just say I don't like meat. Does that make sense? Or sound stupid?

So if you have me over sometime to eat, don't worry about making something with chicken broth in it. Just remember, I will still refuse the actual meat, as eating off a bone, being served veiny piece of chicken, or even thinking about the fact that I am eating an animal mid-chew still makes me want to vomit. Do know that I am fine picking the meat off the top of things, like a pizza.

Now, I really want some potato soup...or pizza.