Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This would only happen to me

As I left the doctor today, I pressed the unlock key on my car key. I walked to my car and opened the door and hopped on in. As I did, I thought, "wow, my car smells really good. Wait, I don't have a blue iPod. And where are my fixed asset files?" I quickly realized THIS WAS NOT MY CAR! It looked just like mine on the inside and out! Seriously, the interior was identical. I jumped out as fast as I could, laughing at the same time, and entered my car - the one parked right next to it.

I am glad no one saw me. But, why did this person not lock their doors??

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going to the Capitol

I am very excited. Normally when Andrew goes out of town on business, he invites me along, but I always decline. He usually has to visit agents in Mississippi and New Orleans. From what I can tell, there isn't much for me to do in Mississippi and I have been to New Orleans and wasn't impressed. But this time, he has to go to a training seminar in Maryland. I wasn't too terribly excited about Maryland, but when I looked at exactly where he would be training I was eager to go. It will be right outside of Washington, DC! By right outside, I mean about 1 mile - super close. So this time I am going! I love DC and the museums and the ability to walk to pretty much any "attraction" I want. He is only training for one day, so we are staying two extra days to explore.

All I am waiting for is the confirmation from his boss about the exact date of his training...I already have the hotel and airline tickets picked out and ready to be booked. Something also good for me, the metro system. I don't have to figure out how to get around DC in a rental car the day I am by myself. Actually, I would just end up hanging out at the hotel b/c I am terrified of driving in new places and I have been in DC traffic and I will never attempt it even with someone else with me.

Now I am trying to get over my fear of riding the mass transportation system alone. Andrew let me know that they lifted the gun ban in DC, but I don't' have a carry permit. I guess I can walk with my keys between my fingers in case I need to punch a mugger. =P I have a feeling my mom will send me off with some pepper spray when she finds out I will be walking alone that day. I remember her giving me some when I was at MTSU and had a night class.

Back to my previous post about WebMD - I managed to hurt my middle left finger. I am not sure how, but the joint is a little swollen and it hurts to bend it (kind of a bad finger not to be able to really bend). I have taken some Aleve and jumped on WedMD to see if maybe there was another way to treat it at home before calling the doctor. I typed in my symptoms and this is what I get FINGER INJURY. Really? I didn't know. It wasn't much help today. Although, at least it didn't convince me that I had some rare finger disease.

Please don't be offended if I accidentally point my middle finger in your direction. Unless I glare at you at the same time...then you should take offense. =)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


WebMD is one of those websites that you would probably be better off if it were blocked on your computer. It can convince you that you have almost any disease. Select a few symptoms you are experiencing and it will pull up 10-20 different possible. Yesterday, I thought for a few minutes that I had Leukemia. I only lasted about 5 minutes, but that was when I decided enough with this silly symptom checker. WebMD will only be used by me to learn about illnesses and diseases once the doctor has diagnosed me or a family member/friend. Self diagnosis can be dangerous.

Something else I was thinking about yesterday while waiting to get blood work done - why do they buy vinyl furniture for the waiting room? And why is the girl that is about to draw my blood popping and smacking her gum? I wonder if it will make it difficult for her to concentrate and get a vein on the first try? OUCH! Yeah, missed...but lucky for me, the 3rd times a charm. She is going on my list of people to refuse to let draw my blood in the future. Yes, I request NOT to get certain people. Some people are just bad at it and the gum popping is unprofessional.

I also send food back to the kitchen at dining establishments when it isn't correct. Yes I am one of those people - I am picky and not ashamed of it. To be fair, I am not mean when I send it back, but I am also not shy about getting it right.

The one thing I haven't gotten the nerve to ask yet - I don't want this one guy at the Smyrna Starbucks to make my drink. He has unusually long nails that he obviously never cuts. It is a hygiene issue for me. I don't like for him to make my drinks. I can't bring myself to be the person that orders the picky drink (not so picky compared to others) and then requests a certain Barista to make it. I just always hope I visit on a day he isn't working.

My post is kind of a downer today. I like the occasional rainy day. It usually calms me but I just don't feel good today so it has made me a little pessimistic. It is still early in the day so hopefully the moodiness fades away.

Monday, October 6, 2008

49 Days

In 49 days (or 7 weeks) I will be boarding the Enchantment of the Seas. I could easily leave today if given the opportunity. This might be my best Thanksgiving ever.

Side Note: I started to watch Cast Away for the first time on Saturday night (I know, it is old and I am a little behind). I will never fly across the ocean. It takes a lot of courage for me to get on a plane when it is only up in the air for 60-90 minutes. I would not be able to handle being over water for hours. I hid under a blanket while the plane was taking its nose dive into the ocean. Just watching that makes me sick to my stomach.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coffee - Nice to drink and look at

I did it - I painted the entire hallway Coffee and I am so happy I did. So pretty and it looks different depending on how the light hits it. This is exactly want I wanted:

I am still having trouble finding the color I like for the rest of the house. I can see it in my head, but I have yet to find it in a paint swatch. They all either look too pink or too green. I have four different paint sample cans now and they are all spread across different parts of my great room walls.

I am not the only one in the house that likes to paint. Check out the Arf Work Molly did last Saturday:

Yes, it was messy and yes, she managed to sit in it and get it on my jeans. It was washable and everything turned out OK. They also cleaned her up for me and so it was no work for me!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My currently spotted hallways

I went to Lowe's last night to pick out my paint. I tried to get a hold of Cassie for some help, but my phone died and so I was dependant on Andrew's phone and was hoping she had the number, since I didn't leave it. By the time I ate dinner and was at Lowe's making my final decision, I hadn't heard from her yet. Luckily, around the corner walks Mary Leigh, who is working on a project of her own. She told me I could get samples (I didn't know that!) and test and see which colors I liked best. She also convinced me to get a really dark brown. I went home and put them on the walls in a few places. Here is the craziness that is going on down my hallway today.

Here are all three colors on the wall: the dark brown, then Coffee (the middle color), then Tawny (the lightest).

I liked the really dark brown color, but I also really like like my dark wood furniture and frames, so I didn't feel like it was going to work for me.

And when I asked Andrew what he thought, he referred to that color as "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo." Have to seen South Park? At least I decided against that b/f he gave me his opinion, b/c that could have really ticked me off if I wanted to use that color.

My last two colors: Coffee and Tawny

I know this looks confusing, I am going to paint the Coffee on the wall with the clock (normally there isn't a clock there, but a picture...I was just seeing if I liked that color with my great room stuff. the plant also doesn't belong in the hall) and then the Tawny on the other walls.

I have a wall I think I will use the Coffee color on in my great room too.

And I know the light color is pretty close to what I have now, but it is almost white feeling and it is flat...I want egg shells and a little darker/warmer. Will the colors above achieve that? I need opinions. I am picking up paint at lunch to do the hall this evening.

Thanks. =)