Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This would only happen to me

As I left the doctor today, I pressed the unlock key on my car key. I walked to my car and opened the door and hopped on in. As I did, I thought, "wow, my car smells really good. Wait, I don't have a blue iPod. And where are my fixed asset files?" I quickly realized THIS WAS NOT MY CAR! It looked just like mine on the inside and out! Seriously, the interior was identical. I jumped out as fast as I could, laughing at the same time, and entered my car - the one parked right next to it.

I am glad no one saw me. But, why did this person not lock their doors??


  1. nope, you and my grandmother. actually some strange man was in her car and she pulled him out and started hitting him with her purse- all of this in the walmart parking lot. the police came.... oh what a mess my mimi is!

  2. haha, woah, I am glad I wasn't in your mimi's car!