Monday, September 30, 2013

2 Weeks at Home

We've been in the new house for 2 weeks now, and still have so much to do! We have pretty much all the boxes unpacked, but every single room seems to be in a chaotic state. I'm trying to accept that as my reality right now and just go with it. =) I find if I start to do too much I get really tired or bring on a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Even putting clean sheets on the bed this morning made them strong and kind of uncomfortable. So right now I'm sitting on our deck with the iPad watching Colin play in his sandbox and on his play set.

He loves his new house. We turned one of the basement rooms (we have a split foyer) into a play room. It holds all his toys and the majority of our furniture from our old living room, plus the computer. It was the first room we finished as I knew it would get the most use. I didn't do much to it. It was already painted a neutral color so I just left it, even though it isn't my favorite neutral. I painted one wall in there with chalkboard paint and we have so much fun with it.

The playroom being finished has worked out great since we have a set of 4 year twins right next door! Colin wakes up asking to play with them first thing. All three like to play outside on the play set or sandbox and put the playroom to good use. It gets a little chaotic, but I think I've started to control the crowd by making the rule that all toys stay down stairs in the playroom.

The only room that has been painted is Charlie's room. Colin's room is already the blue I want, but needs a fresh coat of paint. The last boy had lots of stuff on his walls, but at least that is one room I don't feel rushed to complete. We did order him a new dresser and it will be here next week!

All the rooms in this house need a paint job but I'm kind of overwhelmed at where to start. So right now I'm just trying to enjoy the house as it is and decide what I want it to end up looking like. Baby you will be able to tell from the card table in my kitchen!

A few random pictures from my phone:
First thing we did was replace all the appliances. It was a headache in a half, but I LOVE all of them!

Treated Molly to a new food/water bowl.

The chalkboard wall right after painting. So clean and shiny. Now it is covered in art. I love it.

Colin is getting so good at writing his name. I am so impressed at his school. It is kind of a drive from our house now, but totally worth it! Not only does he have music class, chapel, and PE, but he also has Spanish class and computer class once a week. And we LOVE his teacher.

With all our paint swatches I decided to practice his scissor skills. Impressed me again!

Playing with the neighbor twins in the sandbox. I sipped coffee of the back deck. I love our neighborhood.

And you can't see him, but he is up in the fort part of his play-set.

(I wrote this Friday and forgot to post. Between then and now we've spent a lot of time inside as Colin has had a fever all weekend. I think we are healthy and ready for a new week!)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 30 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 15.7 inches and about 3 lbs. the size of a large cabbage

How Momma Feels: Still OK! I had trouble sleeping the other night for the first time. Not because I couldn't get comfortable, but because he was moving so much. He has never been that active in the middle of the night and it made it impossible to get back to sleep.

Baby Bump: Growing more by the day. I had a woman at Target stop me and ask me how far along I was. After I told her she said I looked like I was about due. Butt-head. I know I'm getting big, but to actually look like I'm going to deliver soon? I am pretty sure someone says this to every pregnant person at least once. And now I am certain that these people have to idea what a full term pregnant belly looks like. If I get that comment again before I'm 36 weeks I may ask if they've seen a 40 week pregnant woman, because I have a lot more growing to do.

This is at 29 weeks, 6 days with my phone camera. I'm not usually one for selfies. =)

What I'm Eating: Normal things still, but I am so ready for fall food! I don't think it is pregnancy related, just season related. I want cinnamon and spiced muffins, rolls, breads, cookies....and some soup.

Exercise: I ended up sick during our move into the house. I had an upper respiratory infection, and just unloading boxes was enough physical activity for the for the week. I felt terrible. The week before was pretty hit or miss also, as we had our closing and other activities related to the move that just took up our week. I'm back at it this week though.

Movement: It varies between busy and quite days. He still gets my hip bones and my ribs a little now. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and he was measuring almost 2 weeks bigger than his gestational age. I suppose that could mean he will be big, but Colin also measured big and was a perfect 7 lb 9 oz. Colin was long at 21 inches, so I am thinking maybe Charlie will be too. Only time will tell.

Prepping for Charlie: I painted his room this week (even thought I was sick). I felt like I could get that room done until it had paint. The color is called apple green, and I'm putting navy blue accents with it. There isn't much to see so no picture. I have nothing for the walls yet and I'm just now starting to get his sound machine, diaper genie, bibs, etc.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 28 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 14.8 inches, the size of an iceberg lettuce

How Momma Feels: It goes back and forth. One day last week I felt huge and uncomfortable. My back hurt, my feet hurt, and my pants just felt weird. The past few days I've been back to normal. I do wake up a lot to adjust my sleeping position, but I don't have trouble falling back asleep.

Baby Bump: I am definitely starting to feel big. I am able to bend over less easily as I feel my ribs run into Charlie when I try. I look in the mirror and can't believe how big I am, or how much bigger I am going to get. Also with my my uterus being up into my rib cage more, I had to move my bra band out to a bigger hook. I feel so much better. It was like one day he wasn't there, and the next he was. I don't get rib kicks yet, but I'm sure that isn't far behind.

(No picture this week. We closed on our house today and I'm just kind of behind)

What I'm Eating: I'm so boring on this topic. Everything is normal. =P

Exercise: Walking and doing body pump. I am slowing down as when I walk too fast (which isn't event that fast!) I get side cramps now. That mixed with my usual foot pains has kept me walking at a slower speed but longer distance or time period. I hate that I'm slowing down, but figure as long as I keep up with something it is good for me and Charlie.

Movement: He has some slow days and some wild days. On some days he gets my hip bone a lot. It never hurts, but feels so strange.

Maternity Clothes: With my belly starting to be bigger, clothes fit me a little differently now. Generally better. But it has been a strange adjustment with my pants. I wore mostly dresses with Colin when I was big. With this pregnancy I have LOVED my shorts and jeans from the GAP. I have two pairs of shorts I go between and three pairs of jeans (one of them from my pregnancy with Colin). I've never really like the big belly panels, so all of those shorts/pants have that mid rise thing that goes all the way around. But now it gets kind of scrunched up under my belly. You can't tell, and it feels fine now, but took me a day or two to get comfortable with it.

And I hate most of my clothing I wore with Colin. It doesn't fit the same. I like a dress or two and maybe a handful of tops. I bought some stuff on super sale b/c it felt wasteful buying new clothes when I had some, but I just didn't feel good about myself in those. Andrew pointed out they are 4 1/2 years old and my taste probably changed a bit.

I love my new skinny jeans from GAP.

Prepping for Charlie: I feel like I haven't done ANYTHING. We will be in our house soon, but even then, I don't have big plan for a nursery. I mean, I have cute sheets and his furniture, but I'm not painting stripes like I did in Colin's. I don't know if it is because he is the 2nd child, or we will have a whole house to decorate this time too. I'm sure it will take me forever to feel like the house is set up, but look forward to the process and will take it slow.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 27 Weeks, 2 Days. Third Trimester!! Only 13 Weeks to go...10 to be considered full term. Not too much longer!

How Big is Charlie: 14.5 inches - the size of cauliflower.

How Momma Feels: About the same. Nothing has changed in the past week.

Baby Bump: Starting to notice it a lot more now. This week I took my pictures from the side, front, and back. I feel like I'm starting to get wider and thought I should document it.

What I'm Eating: Still the same. No cravings or aversions. We have found a bakery that we really like and visit a lot - Edgar's Bakery. Surprisingly I don't get a dessert or cookie when I go. They have really good breakfast. Good omelets with breakfast potatoes and toast. Or just scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes and bacon (which goes to Colin!) and these amazing cheddar biscuits. When I get visitors, this is one place we will be going for breakfast, and maybe get a sweet treat. =)

Exercise: I walked at the local park's trail three times this week, one of them being a good 5k distance. I joined the local Y this week and look forward to getting back into some group classes and trying the pool more.

Movement: Oh my goodness. I don't remember Colin hurting me when he moved. I mean, I got a couple movements that would make me jump, but Charlie is strong. In Target the other day I had to stop and kind of push back in whatever he was stretching out because it hurt so much it took my breathe away.

Big Brother: Colin asked if Charlie would like truck like he does. I told him most likely he would. He then told me he thinks God put a toy in my tummy so he'd have something to play with while he was in there.