Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 27 Weeks, 2 Days. Third Trimester!! Only 13 Weeks to go...10 to be considered full term. Not too much longer!

How Big is Charlie: 14.5 inches - the size of cauliflower.

How Momma Feels: About the same. Nothing has changed in the past week.

Baby Bump: Starting to notice it a lot more now. This week I took my pictures from the side, front, and back. I feel like I'm starting to get wider and thought I should document it.

What I'm Eating: Still the same. No cravings or aversions. We have found a bakery that we really like and visit a lot - Edgar's Bakery. Surprisingly I don't get a dessert or cookie when I go. They have really good breakfast. Good omelets with breakfast potatoes and toast. Or just scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes and bacon (which goes to Colin!) and these amazing cheddar biscuits. When I get visitors, this is one place we will be going for breakfast, and maybe get a sweet treat. =)

Exercise: I walked at the local park's trail three times this week, one of them being a good 5k distance. I joined the local Y this week and look forward to getting back into some group classes and trying the pool more.

Movement: Oh my goodness. I don't remember Colin hurting me when he moved. I mean, I got a couple movements that would make me jump, but Charlie is strong. In Target the other day I had to stop and kind of push back in whatever he was stretching out because it hurt so much it took my breathe away.

Big Brother: Colin asked if Charlie would like truck like he does. I told him most likely he would. He then told me he thinks God put a toy in my tummy so he'd have something to play with while he was in there.

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  1. You look so cute! You're belly has changed since u left... U are all "Charlie" :) miss u friend!