Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Week in Alabama

Colin is in his second week of school and loving it. I'm trying to work with him on how to make friends and explaining to him how to introduce himself and ask the other kid's name. He cracks me up because I ask him who he sits next to at school and he says he doesn't know. I ask if he asked their name. He says he did, but he forgot. ALWAYS. Even at the park.

He may easily forget these kids' names, but he does have a great memory. I knew they were learning the Pledge of Allegiance at school and explained that if he could say it all by himself, he'd get a trip to Chuck E Cheese. He blew my mind last night when he said it, hand over heart (or in arm pit) and all. My favorite part is at the end where instead of Liberty and Justice for all he says "Liberty and Justicy to All!"

We also spent this week working on his "All About Me" poster. I printed off some pictures and wrote in his answers. I also colored in the words for him. Daddy and I both helped with coloring the stars and circles but he actually did a lot of them. And to really make it his own, he added all these Thomas the Train stickers that Memaw sent him.

This weekend we visited the Birmingham Zoo and knew we had to go feed the Giraffes as they are Colin's favorite animal. He was so thrilled and loves looking at the photos I took.

We didn't stay too terribly long as it was hot and we were ready to find a new place for lunch, but I plan on getting a membership there pretty soon.

I'm getting really well at getting around now. I don't seem to have trouble finding anything and my driving anxiety is even doing OK with some of the crazy traffic I've run into.

We have been spending a lot of time at the apartment pool since it is really easy to get to and we won't have it for much longer. We usually go there between afternoon nap dinner.

He will miss the pool when we move to the new house, but luckily we have one at the Y we want to join. It won't be as close, but he can swim year round!

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