Monday, August 5, 2013

Details on Our Move

Andrew started his new position last week. He had lots of travel to Chicago and out of the first three weeks, he would actually only be in Birmingham for about a week. So we decided Colin and I would stay in Murfreesboro until he would be done doing all his traveling. There was no sense in Colin and I being all alone there.

We also had to get this house on the market. We have been ready for at least a month, but going through a relocation company has made it take longer. We complained about that, but we get so many benefits from going through them that we kind of had to suck it up. So after signing a millions things and meeting with our realtor, plus one more as required by the relo company, we finally had our house listed last Thursday evening (or Friday morning?).

I was stressed over keeping the house clean and ready and trying to leave with a pre-schooler and dog every time we got a call. God blessed us and the first day on the market we had 3 showings. Saturday we had 1 showing. And yesterday we had 4.

I've really been stressed about selling our house. I love our house, but what if no one else did? It kind of put me in a bad mood, being displaced for an hour every showing and not knowing when anything would happen. I was so grateful that there was interest, but it was hard on both Colin and I in the nap department for three days. I prayed HARD.

After our big batch of showing yesterday I dropped Colin off at Mom's for a sleepover and I headed back home to get our grass cut and looking nice for showings this week. I had to stop for a water break when I was almost done (because it isn't as easy to do while pregnant) and checked my phone. No missed calls. No texts. No emails. I started to walk away and it rang. It was our realtor with good news.

Not only did we have an offer coming in, we had TWO! I could have cried!

After looking at both offers and discussing it over the phone with Andrew (since he is in Birmingham again), we accepted one! Now we wait for the inspection and I'm praying everything looks good (as it should...but you never know).

They want to close soon, and we had planned on moving down on the 18th, but leaving our stuff until the house sold. We didn't expect it to sell in 3 days! So I think we will be having the movers come and pack our stuff up and put it into storage until we find our house there.

Please say a prayer that our inspection goes smoothly and closing isn't delayed (more for the buyers than us as I know they need to be out of where they are renting by a certain date).

I'm very excited to get down there and get in a routine. We've got Colin is a 3-day a week preschool and he starts the week we move. I'm a little worried because we won't be there to meet the teachers during orientation, but the director was so nice and offered to let us come the day before his first day and walk the halls and meet his teacher then.

I've got a busy two weeks ahead, but I think I'm going to celebrate with a nap this afternoon. =)

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  1. Wow, amazing news!!!! It took us over a year to sell our house in TN! :) Definitely an answered prayer for you guys. So happy for you and your upcoming move.