Thursday, August 22, 2013

Settling In

We've been in Birmingham 4 days now are getting settled in. We are in a temporary furnished apartment. All of our stuff is in storage, with the exception of thins we needed right now like clothing. I miss all my stuff! And I don't want to join a gym yet, so I've been planing to use the apartment workout facility, which is terrible. So today I swam laps in their pool. Tuesday I took Molly to a nice park and we walked their paths. I miss my Body Pump classes though.

We are set to close on our M'boro house on Monday, so prayer that it would go smoothly would be greatly appreciated! Then we get ready to close on our house in Birmingham.

Colin started Preschool this week. I wish I could find my camera cord so I could post pictures! We went Monday afternoon and met his teacher and saw his class room since we couldn't come to meet the teacher night the week before. When I enrolled him I assumed it was a laid back mother's day out program, kind of like what we did in Murfreesboro. This is for real preschool. I don't even walk him in! I drop him off in the car pool lane and he finds his class room on his own (with help from hall monitors if needed). I also pick him back up in a car pool line.

He has done so well and loves it so far!

I met with my new OB yesterday and LOVE her. She is so friendly and really made me feel comfortable with switching doctors at this stage in my pregnancy. I even got a quick ultrasound and got to see Charlie again. He is weighing in at just under 2 lbs and she could even see a little hair on his head!

It has been nice being under the same roof as Andrew for an extended period and getting to cook real meals again. Now I am looking forward to a (hopefully smooth) transition into a permanent residence.

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  1. I didn't know you guys had found a place in Bham!!! Clearly we need to talk more :)

    Would love to see you guys - all 3 of you or just you and C - but want to know if you want to come to TTown or want us there.

    Abby is in school MWF 8-3 and Nate has those same hours everyday. Maybe a weekend ?? Just email me so we can catch up!