Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 24 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 11.8 inches, about the size of a cantaloupe (which sounds huge!)

How Momma Feels: Still tired from all the house stuff, but otherwise I'm OK! I did tweak my back pushing a box with my foot and it is kind of painful. I got it adjusted at the Chiropractor today, and I'm hoping it feels normal tomorrow.

Baby Bump: Colin noticed my belly getting bigger. He poked it and said "whoa, it's getting bigger!!" I turned and asked if my booty was bigger and he said no. Training him well. =)

What I'm Eating: Whatever we have right now. We move on Sunday so I am trying to use everything up in the pantry and freezer so I don't waste it. It is a bunch of random meals.

Exercise: Last week was crazy because I took a quick unplanned trip to Birmingham. I did manage to cut the grass, go for a walk, and get in 2 Body Pump classes.

Movement: He stays pretty busy in there. I've been able to see movement from the outside for a while, but it is getting pretty crazy to see now that he is getting stronger.

Prepping for Charlie: We brought all our stuff down from the attic for the movers and that includes Colin's old crib - Charlie's new crib! I'm using all Colin's old furniture. It's not my favorite now, but I don't really care. It isn't used that long and I do not want to buy new nursery furniture. I do think I found some cute crib sheets for him though. That I won't reuse. His old crib sheets are faded from all the use and washing. I'm reusing so much of Colin's stuff, it will be nice for Charlie to have something new.

24 Weeks with Colin

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