Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 26 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 14 inches long - an eggplant. Seems really big! My app says he weighs a little less than 2 lbs now, which is true. At my ultrasound last week he was 1 lb 15 oz. So I bet he is right at or just a smidgen above that now.

How Momma Feels: Tired and emotional. Selling the house has taken its toll on me. Moving weekend was rough on me. I had a lot of braxton hicks. They were uncomfortable and happens frequently. I chugged a lot of water and rested and feel back to normal now. Physically I'm still good. I can get up and bend over. I can paint my toe nails and shave my legs. Charlie hasn't been in the way and made it hard for me to do things yet.

He definitely feels like he sits low and always on my bladder. It constantly feels like he is pulling my belly down.

Baby Bump: I think it has rounded out!

What I'm Eating: All normal foods. No cravings.

Exercise: Not much here. I don't have a gym yet, so I've swam some in the apartment pool and taken Molly on walks around the trail near the park. I miss having a routine and hope that I get back into that in the next coming weeks, even if it isn't the same one as before.

Movement: He is a busy guy in there. I get movements all through the day, but can tell when he is sleeping b/c I will have periods of silence from him.

Prepping for Charlie: I got his cute crib sheets this week! I'm now on the hunt for a navy blue crib skirt (which is harder to find than you would think) and curtains that resemble the ones I like at PB Kids. I really want the ones there, but don't want to pay the price if I can find some that look close enough.

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