Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 23 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 11.5 inches - the size of a pomegranate

How Momma Feels: Tired. We've started showing the house and it is cutting into my afternoon nap time, along with Colin's (not complaining, very grateful to have showings!!). Other than that just a little bit heavier belly. I don't really feel pregnant, aside from the kicks and punches. I sleep well, I have no trouble getting in and out of bed or from a sitting position, I can move the same and no waddling.

Baby Bump: Looks about the same as last week. I don't realize how big it looks until I see my pictures.

What I'm Eating: With Andrew gone I'm keeping meals simple, usually no meat. Like a big batch of soup I eat off of all week, rice & beans, breakfast for dinner, and sandwiches. Colin is enjoying the occasional bowl of cereal with fruit and yogurt for dinner. I thought he'd dismiss that idea, but asked for it specifically one night! Keeping it easy and using what's left in my freezer before we move.

Exercise: Doing great!! I got in 2 days of walking, 1 spin class, 2 Body Pump classes, and I cut the grass one day (which I DO count at exercise). I am back to laying on the bench in Body Pump. I think my uterus must have moved out and up a little more because I don't get the pressure I used to when laying down. I do incline the bench, and I even added some weight to my chest track, which surprisingly made it easier.

Movement: He kind of slowed down for a while, but has picked up the pace the last day or two.

Prepping for Charlie: Picked a couple of things up here and there. I did get a thing from Target about getting a $20 gift card when you start a baby registry. I don't want to do a registry since this is baby #2 and I have most everything. What I don't have I can buy myself. So I decided to start a tiny registry to get the $20 gift card, and then just clear it out of delete it after the fact. When I brought the coupon for this up to the Guest Services Counter to ask how to do it, they just scanned it and gave me a gift card. That was it. Never had me start the registry. Works for me!

Big Brother: Colin has this GUND brand animal (that kind of reminds me of a miniature bear skin rug because the way the animal lays) that is a Lamb. I got his for him for Christmas when I was pregnant. It has become his security item and he calls it Lamby. For some reason his favorite part of Lamby has always been her tail. He chewed on it when he was younger and it is still the first part of her he looks for when he cuddles it. It is a mess and I can't find the exact same one to replace it.

Anyway, I told him he could pick out one for Charlie. So after looking at pictures online, I am off to find a Giraffe version of Lamby.

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