Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love AllPosters.com for a few reasons. 1) I am REALLY bad at picking out art. I like photography, but I don't have any in my house. I have a piece I like in the office and a couple in the dinning room, but that is it. I always find "posters" that I like (or art prints??). 2) They are CHEAP! I do very well to order them from this website and then get them framed when Michael's has framing half off.

I am really excited today b/c I finally found something cute for my guest bathroom! You may or may not know, I repainted the cranberry bathroom to a bright teal. All the "extras" are white to keep it simple and let me repaint that bathroom easily without having to spend a lot on a new curtain, towels, and accessories. All I wanted was a picture to go above the toilet, and here is the one I found:

Ok, at first I was thinking "rubber duckies will make it look like a kid's bathroom." But as I kept looking, I kept going back to this one. So I finally gave in a bought and decided, oh well, a kid will use that bathroom one day.

Then I found these and I have them written down so when I figure out where I want to put them in my bedroom, I can jump on and order them quickly:
I haven't done anything in my master bed or bathroom. Just paint. They need curtains and wall art and I have been neglecting them. I really really like these and I am determined to find a place for them. Any suggestions on placement or frame and matting color?
Also, after talking to Mary Leigh, I decided to try painting my hall, entry way, great room, and dinning room myself...I am starting in the hall and entry way working my way to the dinning room and finally the great room. Wish me luck...I have no idea when I will actually tackle this...I am nervous.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Sounds different, right? They had samples of one of the new Signature Hot Chocolates at Starbucks this morning. It was a a delicious hot cocoa topped with whipped cream, sugary caramel sauce, and salt. Yes, salt. I loved it...not something you should get everyday, but one of those drinks that you should not make low fat or sugar free. A splurge - because I just don't think it would be nearly as good if you didn't make is sweet, rich, and creamy. Kind of made me think of a pretzel with caramel on it. Worth a try!

I am sure that I can convince James to help me recreate it at the office on one of our slow days. I love fall...

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Coffee Allowance

Andrew and I get a coffee allowance. Because if we didn't, who knows how much we would be spending on specialty coffee beverages a month. To keep us in line, I jumped online to order a couple of Starbucks re-loadable gift cards. But I didn't get just any gift card, you can now DESIGN your own! After playing with it for a while and stressing about which I liked better (yeah, I worry about small details like a color or simple picture...I need to lighten up) I ended up with a simple card that I could put a drink order and my name on. I thought it was cute and the most uncluttered of the choices. Check it out:

Mine lists a Non-fat, No-Whip, Peppermint Mocha. Yum! Perfect for the upcoming cold weather!

Note: I can totally see how some can see this as a completely waste of time and money, but I like having things that show my personality.
Also, I get to go to the Cheesecake Factory tomorrow! Which means while I am there, I will also have to do a little shopping and visit Whole Foods Market. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
And, I am still hungry and haven't found any breakfast yet.

Would you eat breast milk ice cream?

Cassie came over to watch the season premiere of Grey's last night and I wanted to make sure we had something good for the mom-to-be to eat. As she pointed out, I am always worried that I won't have anything that she would like to eat on hand, so I try and plan ahead. What can I say, I want to take good care of my friend, and technically, I am making sure that two people don't go hungry. So I stocked up on Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and got Cassie her most requested for flavor: Phish Food.

Yes, I said stocked up. Normally, I would only buy one or two little cartons - one for me and one for Andrew. But they were BOGO free at Publix and that is like Ben & Jerry's giving away free ice cream! So when I called down the aisle and asked if I could "stock up" on it, Andrew should not have surprised when he looked in my basket and saw 8 cartons of Ben & Jerry's. But you see, I notice trends with the sales at Publix and I take advantage of them when possible. (At any given point I could have 4 boxes of Cheez-Its or 6 different types of pastas on hand. Like I said, I take advantage of the sales trends.)

This morning I just online to read the news before actually starting my day of number crunching, and I find this headline on the MSN front page:
Can we say "yuck"? Do I need to run back and purchase more before breast milk ice cream becomes the standard?
Side note: I just went to heat up my breakfast and I dropped it on the floor. Bummer. The guys at the office follow the "five second rule" but I can't handle the thought of eating food off the floor. So in the garbage it went. I am now starving and thinking about Ben & Jerry's - a dangerous combination.
Also, check this out. You can create your own ice cream flavor. There are some odd possible combinations out there.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I spent all morning in the kitchen

Why? Because I am trying something new. There are only two of us, and that creates a lot of waste. If we don't finish something, it sits in the fridge for a few days and then neither of us wants to eat it. We aren't leftover people. After one day, we throw it out. See? Wastefuland expensive. We also like to eat a few things that are labor intensive, so they don't get made that often. Luckily, they freeze really well! So this morning I made a double batch of veggie chili and a regular sized lasagna. First I made my lasagna and while it was baking I made the chili. Hopefully, we will throw out less food which will save us money in the long run. The other reason I decided to try this was because sometimes it is so much work to make dinner, and this is easy. Pop the homemade dinner out of the freezer and heat it up. I portioned them in individual sizes so that we can each eat different things if we want also. We will see how this works!

Lasagna is cooling while my chili is simmering and waiting for the addition of the sweet potatoes.

Downside - the mess it made! But I got quite a few servings out of it!

Also, I found the pasta bowls at Harry & David and I LOVE them. I might have to go get some more. I only bought two...
Tomorrow I am probably going to be working on cookie dough. I love having frozen cookie dough (and frozen cookies). Well worth the time of making extra to freeze!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Riding on "E"

On the way back from lunch today, I stopped at the Shell at the first Smyrna Exit. However, I didn't get any gas b/c they were out of the regular and mid-grade level of gas. I didn't want to pay that much for premium, so I went closer to the office to get gas at another station.

Right down the street from the office, we have two gas stations on either corner. They also didn't have regular or mid-grade level gas. At this point I was going to put a few gallons of premium in to get me around this evening and fill up near the house in the morning. But they didn't have that either! They both were completely out of gas!

I told my Dad about it when I got into the office and evidently those two stations have been totally out of gas all week. So my question...

Should I call AAA now and tell them I am out of gas and have them bring me my two free gallons so I can make it back to the 'Boro to get regular gas? Or wait until I am driving I-24 home and completely run out?

If I don't show up for GNO at Barnes & Noble on time, look for me on the side of I-24E and pick me up there. Just kidding - let's hope it doesn't come down to that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today I will mourn...

...the loss of my pink CHI hair dryer. Time of death was 6:03am.

It was disappointing to turn it on this morning and get nothing but the stink of melting plastic. It would heat up but no air would come out. It will be missed. I ran to the guest bathroom and grabbed my spare hair dryer and while using it was thinking to myself ,"I wonder when Ulta will have another 20% off coupon?" And then it hit me - that CHI lasted me a whopping 14-15 months. That is it. And now I am using a hair dryer that I bought my freshman or sophomore year of college. Maybe I won't spend the money on a new one...yeah, it dried my hair so fast and was extremely quiet (as much as a hair dryer can be), but it was trouble from day one when I couldn't get that stinkin' diffuser to stay on the nozzle.

So I am in search of a treasured 20% off coupon for Ulta, but will wait a while to buy a new one. It depends on how much I actually miss it. As of today, I couldn't bring myself to throw it in the garbage. Sad, I know, but it still looks like new.

Color Career Counselor

I like to take quizzes that tell me about myself. Yes, I usually know the outcome, so it is no surprise, but still fun.

Try this one: Color Career Counselor

Depending on the colors that you are least and most attracted to, they will determine your 1st and 2nd best occupational category. You can pay for more information, but I just wanted to see what it would basically say about me. My results:

Best Occupational Category
You're a CREATOR
Key Words:Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional

These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas.

CREATOR OCCUPATIONS: Suggested careers are
Advertising Executive, Architect, Web Designer, Creative Director, Public Relations, Fine or Commercial Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Librarian, Musician, Reporter, Art Teacher, Broadcaster, Technical Writer, English Teacher, Architect, Photographer, Medical Illustrator, Corporate Trainer, Author, Editor, Landscape Architect, Exhibit Builder, and Package Designer.

Consider workplaces where you can create and improve beauty and aesthetic qualities. Unstructured, flexible organizations that allow self-expression work best with your free-spirited nature. Suggested Creator workplaces are advertising, public relations, and interior decorating firms; artistic studios, theaters and concert halls; institutions that teach crafts, universities, music, and dance schools. Other workplaces to consider are art institutes, museums, libraries, and galleries.

2nd Best Occupational Category
Key Words:Self-Control, Practical, Self-Contained, Orderly, Systematic, Precise, and Accurate

These conservative appearing, plotting-types enjoy organizing, data systems, accounting, detail, and accuracy. They often enjoy mathematics and data management activities such as accounting and investment management. Persistence and patience allows them to do detailed paperwork, operate office machines, write business reports, and make charts and graphs.

Looks like I did a good job of finding a career that suites me. Accounting and organization go together like peanut butter and jelly. I feel like everything I colored purple describes me.

Your turn! Let me know what your 2 best categories are!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unique Names

I have been trying to read up on Sarah Palin this week and while I was doing that, I noticed the unique names of her children: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. I like unique names like Bristol and Piper. I am a little lost on Track and Trig though. Willow I just don't like.

Some celebrity names have grown on me like Shiloh, Suri, and Emerson. I don't think I will ever be a fan of names like Sunday or Apple. Days of the week and objects/food are out of the running for my future children names. Places are OK: Paris, Savannah, Georgia, etc.

The worst by far: Kal-el.

Poor kid was named after a comic book hero.

Nothing important today, but I will leave you with image that I thought was funny:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Hike

Yesterday I went hiking. The great outdoors aren't really my thing, unless it is an open air mall. But it was a family outing and I was there. I didn't do too bad and since I went, I didn't have to go to the MAC that evening! Here are a few pictures!