Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love AllPosters.com for a few reasons. 1) I am REALLY bad at picking out art. I like photography, but I don't have any in my house. I have a piece I like in the office and a couple in the dinning room, but that is it. I always find "posters" that I like (or art prints??). 2) They are CHEAP! I do very well to order them from this website and then get them framed when Michael's has framing half off.

I am really excited today b/c I finally found something cute for my guest bathroom! You may or may not know, I repainted the cranberry bathroom to a bright teal. All the "extras" are white to keep it simple and let me repaint that bathroom easily without having to spend a lot on a new curtain, towels, and accessories. All I wanted was a picture to go above the toilet, and here is the one I found:

Ok, at first I was thinking "rubber duckies will make it look like a kid's bathroom." But as I kept looking, I kept going back to this one. So I finally gave in a bought and decided, oh well, a kid will use that bathroom one day.

Then I found these and I have them written down so when I figure out where I want to put them in my bedroom, I can jump on and order them quickly:
I haven't done anything in my master bed or bathroom. Just paint. They need curtains and wall art and I have been neglecting them. I really really like these and I am determined to find a place for them. Any suggestions on placement or frame and matting color?
Also, after talking to Mary Leigh, I decided to try painting my hall, entry way, great room, and dinning room myself...I am starting in the hall and entry way working my way to the dinning room and finally the great room. Wish me luck...I have no idea when I will actually tackle this...I am nervous.

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  1. I'll come help you paint! :o) I love decorating! Just call me if you need help!