Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My currently spotted hallways

I went to Lowe's last night to pick out my paint. I tried to get a hold of Cassie for some help, but my phone died and so I was dependant on Andrew's phone and was hoping she had the number, since I didn't leave it. By the time I ate dinner and was at Lowe's making my final decision, I hadn't heard from her yet. Luckily, around the corner walks Mary Leigh, who is working on a project of her own. She told me I could get samples (I didn't know that!) and test and see which colors I liked best. She also convinced me to get a really dark brown. I went home and put them on the walls in a few places. Here is the craziness that is going on down my hallway today.

Here are all three colors on the wall: the dark brown, then Coffee (the middle color), then Tawny (the lightest).

I liked the really dark brown color, but I also really like like my dark wood furniture and frames, so I didn't feel like it was going to work for me.

And when I asked Andrew what he thought, he referred to that color as "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo." Have to seen South Park? At least I decided against that b/f he gave me his opinion, b/c that could have really ticked me off if I wanted to use that color.

My last two colors: Coffee and Tawny

I know this looks confusing, I am going to paint the Coffee on the wall with the clock (normally there isn't a clock there, but a picture...I was just seeing if I liked that color with my great room stuff. the plant also doesn't belong in the hall) and then the Tawny on the other walls.

I have a wall I think I will use the Coffee color on in my great room too.

And I know the light color is pretty close to what I have now, but it is almost white feeling and it is flat...I want egg shells and a little darker/warmer. Will the colors above achieve that? I need opinions. I am picking up paint at lunch to do the hall this evening.

Thanks. =)

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  1. hands down the coffee color. i really like the dark brown, it'd be great on an accent wall that didn't have any picture frames. but go with the coffee for everywhere. i'm glad I ran into you!
    my door is in the garage: status one coat of primer on both sides and one coat of chalkboard (I think it will take two or three!) hopefully i can finish today!