Friday, October 10, 2008

Going to the Capitol

I am very excited. Normally when Andrew goes out of town on business, he invites me along, but I always decline. He usually has to visit agents in Mississippi and New Orleans. From what I can tell, there isn't much for me to do in Mississippi and I have been to New Orleans and wasn't impressed. But this time, he has to go to a training seminar in Maryland. I wasn't too terribly excited about Maryland, but when I looked at exactly where he would be training I was eager to go. It will be right outside of Washington, DC! By right outside, I mean about 1 mile - super close. So this time I am going! I love DC and the museums and the ability to walk to pretty much any "attraction" I want. He is only training for one day, so we are staying two extra days to explore.

All I am waiting for is the confirmation from his boss about the exact date of his training...I already have the hotel and airline tickets picked out and ready to be booked. Something also good for me, the metro system. I don't have to figure out how to get around DC in a rental car the day I am by myself. Actually, I would just end up hanging out at the hotel b/c I am terrified of driving in new places and I have been in DC traffic and I will never attempt it even with someone else with me.

Now I am trying to get over my fear of riding the mass transportation system alone. Andrew let me know that they lifted the gun ban in DC, but I don't' have a carry permit. I guess I can walk with my keys between my fingers in case I need to punch a mugger. =P I have a feeling my mom will send me off with some pepper spray when she finds out I will be walking alone that day. I remember her giving me some when I was at MTSU and had a night class.

Back to my previous post about WebMD - I managed to hurt my middle left finger. I am not sure how, but the joint is a little swollen and it hurts to bend it (kind of a bad finger not to be able to really bend). I have taken some Aleve and jumped on WedMD to see if maybe there was another way to treat it at home before calling the doctor. I typed in my symptoms and this is what I get FINGER INJURY. Really? I didn't know. It wasn't much help today. Although, at least it didn't convince me that I had some rare finger disease.

Please don't be offended if I accidentally point my middle finger in your direction. Unless I glare at you at the same time...then you should take offense. =)

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  1. I have some pepper spray you can borrow! Nick got it for me when I was taking a night class at MTSU. And I'm super jealous- we want to go to Washington- so take good notes for me! :o)