Friday, February 26, 2010


Let's talk Facebook for a minute. I about died of laughter last week when I got a friend request from Andrew's 85 year old Grandmother. Yes, I accepted, but what the heck? Grandma's are now on Facebook??

I remember giving my parents a hard time when they signed up (and yes, they are my friends now). I said "when this was started it was all college aged kids and now you have every parents, aunt, and uncle on there." They pointed out that I was no longer in college and had a facebook. My argument is that I was Grandfathered in as I set mine up 6 years ago when I was in my sophomore year at MTSU.

What do I really not get? The draw of old folks to Farmville and Farkle. My Dad plays with his Farmville at the office. Yeah, he is the boss and he delegates all the jobs to us peons, but I die when I hear him down the hall talking to the other boss man about planting grapes...

Today I got an invitation to a cause. What was the cause? Add a Church to Farmville.

I do not play these games on Facebook. I leave messages/wall posts and post pictures and videos. That is it. I don't want to play these games.

Another thing is I have relatives that request my friendship and I don't answer. I don't ever talk to them and we have NOTHING in common. However I will go check there pages every so often to see what is going on. I swear, they must be on Facebook all day b/c everything on there wall has to do with a high score...or fish in their tank...or building a get the idea.

I don't get it. I don't notice this being anything my (few) blog readers do and so I think you probably think the same thing as me: who has the time to play all these games!?

Project Life

Which toy do I want?? ALL OF THEM!

Colin and his funny new crawl.

Dinner with Phil and Emily

The new toy penguin that cracks Colin up.

He must be curious at to what Molly is always watching and barking at.

Colin loves to pull up and push his toy.

Biter biscuit - take 2.

Best way to get Colin to eat solids? Feed him two big spoonfuls then put a some on the spoon so he can try himself. Then repeat. It makes a huge mess, but he is way happier at meal time when he gets to be the boss.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nearly 8 Months

That is how long it has taken me to FINALLY get switched to an OB/GYN Doctor that I want. That is right - I finally got switched from Dr. McKnight to Dr. Chesney. It took many phone calls and I got much attitude about wanting to switch but it finally happened.

Now the problem? He is so booked up that I don't get my yearly visit until May 26th! That will put me at 11 months past due for this visit. Let's hope everything is well and my PITA previous doctor didn't screw up anything for real when the IUD didn't work out and he never returned my call about my ER visit. You think he would want to follow up and make sure everything looked OK "in there." Whatever. Over it.

Wait, I am a little mad at him b/c that whole IUD fiasco messed with my cycle and caused me to be on my period during BOTH of my vacations last month. According to the calendar I wouldn't have been if I didn't get the IUD.

OK. Now I am over it. =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daddy's Impulse Buy

His first toy related impulse buy. We went to Target to get toothpaste and a glasses case. We left with toothpaste, an Easter basket, and a new toy. Andrew said we had to have it. Good eye, Daddy. Colin loves it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who is taking the blame?

Alright. Which friend of mine with a kiddo older than mine wants to take the blame for not warning me about the disaster area that follows the enjoyment of a biter biscuit?

I had him shirtless anyway as he loves hanging out in his birthday suit. But in only a matter of minutes he was brown all over his face. His chest. His arms up to his elbows. And the high chair. Oh, the high chair. It look disgusting. You know the shoulder pads? They are caked in that gooey brown mess and it is now dried on. I haven't cleaned it yet because you have to take apart the whole high chair to get those straps off to soak them.

These are now a before bath treat. Wow...

Friday, February 19, 2010


Our tooth count is now up to two! They are coming in different than I expected. Everything I read said that they would get the two front bottoms followed by the two front top. OK. Well he got the bottom front right...and then got his top front left. This could make for an interesting smile.

Something I also read in many books/websites? That the first tooth is the worst but it gets better with each tooth. Yeah, not so much. The first two was rough, but nothing compared to the newest one. He had two really bad nights when his first tooth broke through the gums. But the newest tooth he is sporting came with FOUR horribly rough nights. Now that the entire thing has made its way through I hope to get at least one night of peaceful rest. I can see the other top tooth is not far behind. And Andrew is out of town all next week and I am left to handle this alone. I won't lie - I am terrified.

I decided that if I were to write a parenting book these would be a few things I would stress:
  • Colic - is blows. First check try to find a solution on your own (new bottles??). Then approach the doctor. Don't wait and don't take "he will grow out of it" as an answer. I waited too long and refuse to go down that road again. Next time I won't feel helpless.
  • Sleep training - I think the appropriate age is different for each baby. Colin was good and ready at 5 months. Had we started at 4 months I don't think it would have taken. He just wasn't there. My own instinct told me when the right time to try was. I used a book as a guide on how to do it, not when.
  • Sleep Training (2) - you will have to do it again. Because just when you think it is finally permanent (you know, after a month and a half of peaceful sleep) that sharp edged tooth will work its way between your kiddos gums and subsequently your head and your pillow.
  • Teeth - don't believe that the worst is over after the first. Prepare for a long drawn out process for each tooth (this is how is appears to be going for me. Assume the worst and you will be pleasantly surprised if it goes easier!)

I am ready for this little guy to be back already! Please let the following teeth be at least as easy as the first one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teeth and Toys

Make these sharp little teeth come in already! Is there some way to speed up this process? I can see those top one right there pressing on his little gums but they will not break through. I can't leave him crying in his crib at night when I know he hurts, but I need some serious sleep. He is starting to chew on his crib to and that one little tooth is leaving some nice new scratches on the wood. It really can't be good for him to bite that finish off but what do you do?

We got the rest of Colin's playroom furniture in this weekend! It was our little dining room:
and now it is a nice cleared out play area (with curtains I need to iron tomorrow - I got tired of bare walls and figured I could take them down and iron on my day off).

OK, so I know Colin can't really used the things I bought yet, but did you see the extra storage space under the table and chairs? Those can be used now! And actually, I sit at that table when he is playing and I need to do something on the laptop or even eat lunch. And since his high chair height can be adjusted, I can lower him enough to come down and sit at the table. And I am only buying playroom furniture once, so I got what I wanted, regardless if he was ready to use it.

And I can't find a clock I like.

I still have an empty area on the one wall, but I am too afraid of putting something up and reducing space for future toys. So I don't consider it completely done...but a constant work in process. It is nice having all the toys in one place though!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This week in photos

This toy will soon have a new home...hopefully in the next week or so.

Certified Heart breaker - Breaking hearts since 7/1/09
Cheering for the Saints. What a great game!

Always climbing up the oven. This make doing any baking very difficult. It is like a magnet. If I could gate it up I would.

Colin's first bath without the infant tub!

Some of the new playroom furniture arrived Wednesday. Colin was checking out his new toy box - from the inside.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I sold my buffet/hutch! And what is really random is this person is in Cincinnati, OH.

I was leery at first, but he is paypaling the $ and arranging for the freight company to come out (at his cost). I just have to get it to the garage and have it bubble wrap protected for it's journey to OH. He must really want that buffet!

...or he may be a bad person that steals my buffet and doesn't pay...but I am being positive (and not letting it go until the money is in my account). =)

Yay for playroom decorating money!


Someone fill me in on the Bachelor. The DVR messed up last night and I missed it. Which also means I missed One Tree Hill and Castle.

I watch too much TV.

Finally, Sleep

We have had a rough few days! For good reason though - Colin got his first tooth! The worst night was Tuesday night b/c that was the night it actually broke through his gums. I took him to the doctor the next morning thinking he might have an ear infection. Nope - half of the tooth had broken though already. Dr. Lowe also showed me his top gums where several more teeth were on there way out. I can see at least 3 big swollen "teeth spots" and they are definitely on their way. His little gums are white at the very bottom where they are pressing.

Those top teeth are still working their way down but yesterday was the first day he was back to normal Colin. He was happy (with no Motrin!!) and took his normal 2 long naps! So mean mom was back and let him fuss in the middle of the night. Glorious...he slept like normal and woke up happy. I am sure it will be short lived as those top teeth are close, but I will take what I can get.

I will admit I did enjoy his clingy personality for those few days. He was so cuddly. Not normal for him as he always like to be moving and into what is going on.

Cassie and I tried to see Dear John this weekend but it was sold out! And we are old so we opted not to wait for the 9:45 showing. We saw When in Rome instead and I loved it. I will buy that on DVD when it comes out.

Also, we are selling out small buffet/hutch from out dining room. If you know anyone that is looking for one (b/c frankly you have to be looking for one to want to buy it...not really a sporadic purchase kind of item) please direct them to my craigslist link! Thank you!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project Life: This week in pictures

Each section in my PL book will start on a Friday, since that was what Jan 1 was on this year. Here are my pictures from this week:

We had playtime in the hallway Monday night. We play where ever Colin decides.

Colin stayed with Grant and Miss Hallie Tuesday. I am so thankful for Hallie!! I never worry about Colin when he is with her.

Daddy is being silly and making Colin laugh.

I am copying Casey and her turn the dining room into a play room idea. Since we have no upstairs or bonus room and we NEVER use our dining room we are turning it into a play area for Colin and his stuff. I was very excited b/c this means I get to move the nice table and chairs, curtains, and wall decorations into the kitchen. I love it! Now I just need to find a toy box I like that isn't on back order. The former dining room is in a chaotic state right now. Thanks Casey for inspiring that great idea!

My PL book comes in today and I am excited to get started!

Also, I hope you got the invite to the Tastefully Simple Party. E-Vite was not cooperating and so I gave up on that. Please feel free to invite anyone that would be interested. I only invited a few people b/c I hate sending invites to people who probably wouldn't enjoy it and might hate me for my "spam" mail.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life

I have decided to do my Project Life book and do one photo for each day. I am really looking forward to this year long project. I have gone through my January photos and chosen the ones that represent each day of the month so far. Luckily I take a lot of random photos!

I am going to try to take pictures of not only people but places, things, or anything else that is a good representation of that day. And my goal is to journal because I stink at it and want to get better.

Check out the Project Life scrapbook and think about trying it. For the price you get a lot of stuff! These are last weeks photos: