Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teeth and Toys

Make these sharp little teeth come in already! Is there some way to speed up this process? I can see those top one right there pressing on his little gums but they will not break through. I can't leave him crying in his crib at night when I know he hurts, but I need some serious sleep. He is starting to chew on his crib to and that one little tooth is leaving some nice new scratches on the wood. It really can't be good for him to bite that finish off but what do you do?

We got the rest of Colin's playroom furniture in this weekend! It was our little dining room:
and now it is a nice cleared out play area (with curtains I need to iron tomorrow - I got tired of bare walls and figured I could take them down and iron on my day off).

OK, so I know Colin can't really used the things I bought yet, but did you see the extra storage space under the table and chairs? Those can be used now! And actually, I sit at that table when he is playing and I need to do something on the laptop or even eat lunch. And since his high chair height can be adjusted, I can lower him enough to come down and sit at the table. And I am only buying playroom furniture once, so I got what I wanted, regardless if he was ready to use it.

And I can't find a clock I like.

I still have an empty area on the one wall, but I am too afraid of putting something up and reducing space for future toys. So I don't consider it completely done...but a constant work in process. It is nice having all the toys in one place though!


  1. i love it!
    where did you get the toy box, i've been on the hunt for one!

  2. landofnod.com

    I like that it can't slam shut on his little fingers. That was the big thing for me and a toy chest. And it hold way more than I thought it would. We went from feeling like he had a ton of toys to wondering if I need to buy him a few more b/c it looks like he has none now!

  3. Great work! Trust me, that toy box will be overflowing before you know it! Will could stand inside his with all of his toys inside when he first got it. Now, it doesn't hold enough!

  4. The playroom looks awesome! We have that same license plate/map in Nate's room...love it!

    Also, I have some teething guards for the crib if you'd like to borrow them. We have two types - plastic guardrails and then a cloth velcro thing. Neither worked for Nate, b/c he started to bite the crib when he was older than Colin, and therefore able to pull off the guards. But anyways, maybe they'd work for you! Lemme know and I'll be happy to dig them out!

  5. LOVE IT! I love that toy box too!