Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally, Sleep

We have had a rough few days! For good reason though - Colin got his first tooth! The worst night was Tuesday night b/c that was the night it actually broke through his gums. I took him to the doctor the next morning thinking he might have an ear infection. Nope - half of the tooth had broken though already. Dr. Lowe also showed me his top gums where several more teeth were on there way out. I can see at least 3 big swollen "teeth spots" and they are definitely on their way. His little gums are white at the very bottom where they are pressing.

Those top teeth are still working their way down but yesterday was the first day he was back to normal Colin. He was happy (with no Motrin!!) and took his normal 2 long naps! So mean mom was back and let him fuss in the middle of the night. Glorious...he slept like normal and woke up happy. I am sure it will be short lived as those top teeth are close, but I will take what I can get.

I will admit I did enjoy his clingy personality for those few days. He was so cuddly. Not normal for him as he always like to be moving and into what is going on.

Cassie and I tried to see Dear John this weekend but it was sold out! And we are old so we opted not to wait for the 9:45 showing. We saw When in Rome instead and I loved it. I will buy that on DVD when it comes out.

Also, we are selling out small buffet/hutch from out dining room. If you know anyone that is looking for one (b/c frankly you have to be looking for one to want to buy it...not really a sporadic purchase kind of item) please direct them to my craigslist link! Thank you!!


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