Thursday, February 11, 2010

This week in photos

This toy will soon have a new home...hopefully in the next week or so.

Certified Heart breaker - Breaking hearts since 7/1/09
Cheering for the Saints. What a great game!

Always climbing up the oven. This make doing any baking very difficult. It is like a magnet. If I could gate it up I would.

Colin's first bath without the infant tub!

Some of the new playroom furniture arrived Wednesday. Colin was checking out his new toy box - from the inside.


  1. whats up with the first pic/mailbox??

  2. I take a picture everyday so it doesn't necessarily include a person. Especially if I don't have a picture of someone from that day. Last Friday we were working on Colin's playroom and he had his toys all out. I took a picture of one of the toys and will put on the journaling card that goes with it what was going on - finding a new place for his toys.

    I have a picture of one of his other toys back in January. His toys were all over the living room and I took a picture of my favorite one. On the jounraling card that goes along with that I wrote why it was my favorite.

    So, yeah - there will be some random ones here and there that won't make sense unless you read the little card in the book.

    And Colin let me know it was hard work trying to look cute in a picture every single day. So I have to give him a break every so often. I am sure little Abby thinks the same thing as Colin. "C'mon Mom! Enough pictures! A kid can only smile so many times on command!" =) Looking forward to more pictures of her soon!

  3. woah...that right there was long enough to be its own post! Sorry!

  4. LOVE IT! Cant wait to see his new playroom all dec'd out!