Monday, February 22, 2010

Who is taking the blame?

Alright. Which friend of mine with a kiddo older than mine wants to take the blame for not warning me about the disaster area that follows the enjoyment of a biter biscuit?

I had him shirtless anyway as he loves hanging out in his birthday suit. But in only a matter of minutes he was brown all over his face. His chest. His arms up to his elbows. And the high chair. Oh, the high chair. It look disgusting. You know the shoulder pads? They are caked in that gooey brown mess and it is now dried on. I haven't cleaned it yet because you have to take apart the whole high chair to get those straps off to soak them.

These are now a before bath treat. Wow...


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! They are a disaster! But at least it keeps him occupied, right?!
    Sorry... I didnt warn you but I didnt know you bought them! So I will take partial blame!

  2. LOL!!!! If you would have asked me about them I would have told you! I'm not even sure if I let Will finish off one box they are so messy! However, I'm pretty sure that I have pictures of very messy Will on my blog post-biscuit, so I should escape blame!

  3. The zwiebock toast is a *little* bit better - not as big as a mess. But yeah, they are all pretty gooey. I agree with Hallie though....anything to keep them occupied at dinnertime!!! That was always Nate's fussy time, and it was worth it to have a peaceful dinner with Greg! :)

  4. OH MY GOSH. We are all terrible. I could have told you this, too! Mady's only ever had one. Who thought of those things??