Thursday, June 24, 2010

Was it really that easy?

With Colin we haven't had many things come to us easily. I am not sure if it is because we are first time parents or if he is just stubborn but I always feel like things have been difficult with him.

Well, I think I won the sippy cup war! Colin has not had a bottle in two days! Not eve one before bed. Tuesday night he passed out early and so I changed him into his PJs and put him to bed expecting a middle of the night yell or two. Not a peep out of him. So last night I choose to drop the bedtime bottle and read a book instead. He still slept though the night!

He has been devouring his whole milk and doesn't miss his formula. I think he would drink it 24/7 if I let him.

So now I plan on cleaning out the cabinet and putting away all the bottles. I am so glad to not have to wash another one of those stupid straws that come with the Dr. Brown's bottles. Oh, and traveling without having to wash bottles - it was a dream to me but now a reality.

Adios, bottles!

(and because I posted this he will cry and cry and cry tonight until I give him a bottle. B/c for some reason that is just what happens to me.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random People's Blogs

I enjoy reading blogs that belong to people I have never met. Sometime I read a few entries and I am done but a few I end up "following."

I think reading blogs of other people allows you to find new creative ideas. I especially like blogs with lots of photos. I would take a post of all photos over words any day.

This is by far my favorite stranger's blog

I just thought I would share in case you also like to read a complete stranger's blogs.

Bye Bye Bottle

At least I hope!

Sunday I started the process of getting rid of the bottle. And since I was out of formula I decided to make the switch to whole milk at the same time (about a week and half short of the 1 year mark). I have a can of formula just in case, but may return it if all goes well.

So far he is doing great! He has one sippy cup that he does the best with and I can't find them in stores. I found it at the zoo in New Orleans. So I got online and finally hunted some more down on My only hope is that they have the little plastic insert that keeps them from leaking when tipped over. He isn't good enough to go without that yet. I would hate to have to send them all back but the ability to be tipped over and not leak is a must.

They are so cute!
He did take a bottle Sunday while Grandma and Grandpa Coleman watched him b/c they weren't sure how else to calm him down. Yesterday he didn't take a bottle all day!! Just the sippy at meals and juice/water during the day. We aren't getting rid of the bottle before bed just yet though. Since it is part of our night time routine and I enjoy him sleeping through the night I don't want to mess that up just yet. In the next couple of weeks I plan to nix that bottle too though!

And...I had some birthday money and I couldn't figure out just what I wanted until I stumbled upon this on etsy.

I have been looking for a necklace like this but I haven't liked any of the designs or chains until I saw this one. I ordered it today (of course it will say Colin) and I am so excited to get it. It will take about 3-4 weeks so I have a while to wait though.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Catch Up

What has happened the past few days:

Food poisoning Wed - Thurs. =( No more O'Charley's. But I did lose the last couple pounds I wanted. LOL

Hair cut on Friday and a great text message from my pregnant friend.

Miller's on Saturday b/c it was too hot for the Moon Pie Festival this year.

And the pictures that we had printed on a mug for Andrew for his first Father's Day (where he spent with me at Beauty and the Beast!).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair Appointment

I have a hair appointment this Friday. I have been struggling for a while with the decision of cutting it off or trying to grow it longer. Well, I am pretty sure I want to cut it short but I need anonymous second opinions. Here are pictures of me with shorter hair:

And current longer hair:

Please vote over at the side (up toward the top). If you have anything to say in the comments section, leave it anonymous also. I don't want to know who thinks I am ugly. =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Year Photos

Ok, really 11 Months and 12 days - but these are his 1 year photos. We went to Sears today to use my coupon and get some photos for cheap. Well, I liked the photos so much that I spent way too much and bought the photo CD. I did last time and I swore I wouldn't this time, but he hasn't had portraits done since 8 weeks so I justified it. =)

First, we did some clothed. They turned out ok. I bought a few poses for the grandparents. Here were some of my favorites of those:

I brought my own props for these and they are my favorites:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh my, how they have changed

Yesterday we had lunch and played with Madelyn and it is just so unreal to look at pictures from back in September where all they did was lay on the floor and now they both toddle around and explore.

They both look so sweet and it looks like Mady is even waving to the camera. This one gets a frame.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Holy Moly!

Colin has been a little off lately and I wasn't quite sure what was up. He had a really low grade temp Thursday and was bit fussy that day and Friday. I figured he was cutting teeth. And I figured it must be those last bottom two incisors. Nothing was visible down there. Not even much swelling, but I assumed those come next, right? Well last night I got him to laugh while laying on the ground and he opened his mouth up really wide and tilted his head back. And there I saw a little bit of white on the back of his gums up top. I stuck a clean finger in there and guess what we have? MOLARS! TWO OF THEM! Well - almost two. It feels like one is pretty much broken through and the other feels about halfway out. Hard to tell just by feeling though. He won't let me in to see 'em!

I have to say that so far he has been cutting molars like a champ. The first 5 teeth were hell on earth. But he is just a little fussy with these and wakes a little earlier in the morning. A quick dose of Motrin to relieve the pain and a small bottle and he is back to sleep for a couple hours. I am so glad he is taking it well. After the first few I thought cutting molars would kill us. I was terrified. Hopefully he keeps doing well and can cut the others just as easily.

We went to the pool Saturday and since the water was warmer Colin loved it! He was a little afraid at first but once we got him used to the water and his float he was having a ball. He much preferred being held and loved kicking his legs. If you held him on his belly he would kick and try to "pull" the water with his arms. And I loved that water in his face didn't bother him. Maybe he will be a swimmer like Mommy. =)

Here are a few pics from our pool day and pizza lunch!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Your Bra Size

If you know me at all, you know a few years ago I would have given anything to have a breast reduction. I struggled with finding the right bra and bra size. A few years ago I finally did. And now I don't mind my size and they honestly don't feel nearly as large as when I was wearing the incorrect bra size.

I did a lot of research on how bras are supposed to fit and what the different changes in band and cup sizes mean. I stumbled upon this today on the web and it gives such a great description on why these ladies bras do not fit properly and how to fix the problem. They also show you before and after pictures and even tell you the before and after size.

Don't get fit at Victoria's Secret...if they don't have your true size they will size you in the closest they have. For years I wore a 34D and that is far from what I wear now. After figuring out my size I went to a bra shop in Green Hills to double check I did it right (and I did!) and I have never been happier with the fit of my bra.

Please read that article and flip through if you are struggling with your bra fit.

Lunch got boring

My lunches got really boring. I am trying not to eat out at lunch time. I try to keep it to every other week or only once a week if it is really hectic. But I needed something new and interesting.

My new favorite lunch pick?
  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  • 1 slice of Swiss
  • Thinly sliced turkey breast (Boar's Head Mesquite Smoked is my favorite but today it is Ovengold)
  • A few thinly sliced purple onion rings
  • A bit of shredded lettuce
  • And some peach jelly (Don't over do it. It only takes a little to get the taste you want without the sliminess)
At the office I eat it cold but at home I throw it on the George Forman grill and get it all melty and hot. The sweetness of the peach jelly and the smokiness of the turkey go great together.

I like to add to it some pita chips and strawberries if we have them.

I plan on introducing this combo to Colin soon - minus the onion and lettuce. Grilled cheese can get boring too!

New Orleans

The trip started out exactly like I planned. I made it through security with no issue and boarded the plane. The stewardesses were so nice helped me install C's car seat. I got him settled and he seemed happy munching on his goldfish. Not even two minutes into taking off he was out. It lasted about an hour and so I read my book. With 30 minutes left in the flight he woke up hungry. I reached into his diaper bag to give him his already prepared bottle to find that the darn thing leaked. EVERYWHERE. It was even in its own little bottle case that matches the diaper bag and it leaked through that. I hate those Dr. Brown's bottles they always leak. Anyway - everything in the bag seemed to wet.

I gave him what was left of the bottle and then it got even more interesting. I noticed a smell. It was time for the diaper change. The diaper change I have forever feared would happen mid-flight. They had just announced that our descent would he rough and that they were ending drink service early so the stewardesses could take their seats early. I called one of the over to see if I could still change C in the bathroom. She said it was up to me and I decided it was a much needed diaper change. She set up the changing table in the tiny bathroom (I didn't know they had these in there!). I got him to finally lay down and there was they worst thing ever. A HUGE blowout. And the kid doesn't sit still for diaper changes. So I am wrestling C to get the diaper and romper off him and he is sliding around and managed to get poop on me. I finally get a clean diaper on him and clean up our area. I carry my son who is only wearing a diaper to the seat as I pray that the formula didn't leak all over his back up romper. Luckily it didn't and I got him changed into something clean just in time for landing.

I had never been so happy to see Andrew. I wanted to change my clothes and take a shower. Worst flight ever. I didn't cry though. As much as I wanted to I didn't.

Once we got to the hotel we got ready to go out. Wednesday night we ate at Bubba Gump's and visited Cafe du Monde and walked around a bit.

Thursday Andrew had some client meetings so C and I braved New Orleans alone. We walked the French Quarter and the river front. That afternoon when Andrew was finished with his meetings we ate at Primo's where C had his first taste of white pizza and the best chicken parm ever. We let C nap and headed to shop a little and to meet Andrew's assistant for dinner at Applebee's. That night we hit Cafe du Monde (again).

Friday Andrew had the day off so we hopped on the trolley and spent the day at the zoo. It was a great zoo. Puts the Nashville Zoo to shame. Not as big as the San Diego Zoo but you were able to get so close to the animals. It was extremely clean and even the zoo food was good. After the long day we had dinner at Deannie's Seafood and took one more walk around the city and the river front.

The flight home was way less eventful. We were all exhausted and C fell asleep so quickly as we took off. I had a wonderful week and plan to go back again!