Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Year Photos

Ok, really 11 Months and 12 days - but these are his 1 year photos. We went to Sears today to use my coupon and get some photos for cheap. Well, I liked the photos so much that I spent way too much and bought the photo CD. I did last time and I swore I wouldn't this time, but he hasn't had portraits done since 8 weeks so I justified it. =)

First, we did some clothed. They turned out ok. I bought a few poses for the grandparents. Here were some of my favorites of those:

I brought my own props for these and they are my favorites:


  1. Super cute, but oh is he gonna kill you for that last one!

  2. OMG the tie & briefcase are TOO CUTE!!!! when did he get to be such a stud? I swear he was an infant last time I saw him.

    Ladies watch out!!