Monday, June 7, 2010

Holy Moly!

Colin has been a little off lately and I wasn't quite sure what was up. He had a really low grade temp Thursday and was bit fussy that day and Friday. I figured he was cutting teeth. And I figured it must be those last bottom two incisors. Nothing was visible down there. Not even much swelling, but I assumed those come next, right? Well last night I got him to laugh while laying on the ground and he opened his mouth up really wide and tilted his head back. And there I saw a little bit of white on the back of his gums up top. I stuck a clean finger in there and guess what we have? MOLARS! TWO OF THEM! Well - almost two. It feels like one is pretty much broken through and the other feels about halfway out. Hard to tell just by feeling though. He won't let me in to see 'em!

I have to say that so far he has been cutting molars like a champ. The first 5 teeth were hell on earth. But he is just a little fussy with these and wakes a little earlier in the morning. A quick dose of Motrin to relieve the pain and a small bottle and he is back to sleep for a couple hours. I am so glad he is taking it well. After the first few I thought cutting molars would kill us. I was terrified. Hopefully he keeps doing well and can cut the others just as easily.

We went to the pool Saturday and since the water was warmer Colin loved it! He was a little afraid at first but once we got him used to the water and his float he was having a ball. He much preferred being held and loved kicking his legs. If you held him on his belly he would kick and try to "pull" the water with his arms. And I loved that water in his face didn't bother him. Maybe he will be a swimmer like Mommy. =)

Here are a few pics from our pool day and pizza lunch!

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  1. WOW..... he means business cuttin those teeth!

    Pool looks like FUN!