Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair Appointment

I have a hair appointment this Friday. I have been struggling for a while with the decision of cutting it off or trying to grow it longer. Well, I am pretty sure I want to cut it short but I need anonymous second opinions. Here are pictures of me with shorter hair:

And current longer hair:

Please vote over at the side (up toward the top). If you have anything to say in the comments section, leave it anonymous also. I don't want to know who thinks I am ugly. =)


  1. just wanted to say, you aren't ugly either way, silly!... but i voted for short!
    i'm debating the same thing though. cut short or let grow some.....

  2. ML - Your length is perfect. That is about where I want to go...maybe a smidge shorter.

  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    You're def. not ugly! But I do vote short. I think short hair makes you look younger and fresher faced. (if that makes sense)

  4. mine needs a trim, bad. it's that grown out, flipped out, heavy, wavey business.
    my haircutter just had a baby and is out till july. guess it's bad hair till then!

  5. Girl.. you are so cute.. I cant believe you sd that about yourself! Im partial to long her ONLy for the ponytail/emergency hair-do factor! BUT if that doesnt matter to you.. then cut it off cause its CUTE SHORT!

    ML.. I love your hair right now!