Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye Bye Bottle

At least I hope!

Sunday I started the process of getting rid of the bottle. And since I was out of formula I decided to make the switch to whole milk at the same time (about a week and half short of the 1 year mark). I have a can of formula just in case, but may return it if all goes well.

So far he is doing great! He has one sippy cup that he does the best with and I can't find them in stores. I found it at the zoo in New Orleans. So I got online and finally hunted some more down on amazon.com. My only hope is that they have the little plastic insert that keeps them from leaking when tipped over. He isn't good enough to go without that yet. I would hate to have to send them all back but the ability to be tipped over and not leak is a must.

They are so cute!
He did take a bottle Sunday while Grandma and Grandpa Coleman watched him b/c they weren't sure how else to calm him down. Yesterday he didn't take a bottle all day!! Just the sippy at meals and juice/water during the day. We aren't getting rid of the bottle before bed just yet though. Since it is part of our night time routine and I enjoy him sleeping through the night I don't want to mess that up just yet. In the next couple of weeks I plan to nix that bottle too though!

And...I had some birthday money and I couldn't figure out just what I wanted until I stumbled upon this on etsy.

I have been looking for a necklace like this but I haven't liked any of the designs or chains until I saw this one. I ordered it today (of course it will say Colin) and I am so excited to get it. It will take about 3-4 weeks so I have a while to wait though.

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  1. yay for sippy and whole milk! both are big steps!!! ok to hold onto that nighttime bottle for a while...we did the same.

    love the necklace btw! where did you find it online?