Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who needs frames?

I think I just want this clock:

My poor baby's wall are going to be bare...I am not good at this!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We are now done with the nursery! Well, OK, the walls are still bare, but the hard part is done!

This is why my Dad gets an extra good father's day gift this year.

Molly checking out the finished project with me.
So, a name will go on the wall above the crib later (obviously after we find out if we have a boy or girl). As for other frames on my walls, would you pick white frames for photos to go with the chair rail and these white shelves I have yet to put up? Or would you but dark frames, that match the furniture more?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milk - does the body good

Especially chocolate milk it appears.

I had my usual growth ultrasound yesterday and got to see the little kiddo bounce around the screen. I have these every four weeks as I am at a higher risk for intrauterine growth restriction. Well, it doesn't appear to be an issue for me at the present time. The little whopper already weighs just shy of 3lbs! Dr. Chesney came in the room and said, "Looks like there isn't much to worry about. You have one big baby in there!" My little whopper is in the 85th percentile. I was seriously hoping his next remark would be, "let's change your due date" as I am afraid of birthing a 10 pounder like my "little" brother was. But no such luck.

Maybe it was a growth spurt and it will slow down in the coming weeks. (Yeah, just trying to convince myself.)

I blame it on the chocolate milk. I hate milk, but recently I have been craving those pre-mixed Nesquik chocolate drinks. The baby must be building some strong bones. Normally I would gag at the smell/sight/thought of it, but YUM!

Also, do you have any good movie rental suggestions? My NetFlix list is looking pretty sad, and I just can't think of any movies to add. I am up for old or new movies. (A lot of older movies can be viewed instantly on the Roku - which I highly suggest getting if you have NetFlix. The XBox works too.) Nothing scary. And it can't have Jim Carrey. I need suggestions!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

28 Weeks!

My face and arms get rounder and I get less photogenic with each passing week - but here ya go!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreams, Nighmares & Reality

A week ago I had a dream that we left the house for something, and of course left Molly there. Then a tornado hit and Molly ran away. Pretty simple dream, but enough to freak me out. So last week when we went to eat at my parent's house for dinner, Andrew asked if we should take Molly with us. There were storms coming, and of course my dream freaked me out and I said YES!

Today, we had plans to go out to lunch with Andrew's parents. We left around noon and decided to go to Fulin's, assuming only strong storms were coming. It began to rain pretty hard and sometimes even hail while we ate. Halfway through out meal, we look out the window to see a dark twisting cloud rise up over Dick's Sporting goods. Next thing I know, you hear multiple people yelling "tornado!" and Andrew yelling at me to run to the bathrooms. Instantly I start crying, because the direction of the forming twister is the direction our neighborhood. My poor Molly is all alone and I have no idea if she is safe or has managed to break out and run because she is scared. My dream feels like it is coming true. Except it felt like a nightmare.

No power in the restaurant, all the customers, waiters, and cooks are crammed into the men's and women's restroom. I am not worried about the fact that I am leaning on and touching dirty bathroom stall walls, but I am worried about Molly.

After a few minutes, we feel it is all clear, and head back out to finish what we could of our lunch and hopefully see a break in the weather to go home. Once we were ready, we asked about our waitress, who had been missing for a while. We weren't worried that she wasn't taking care of us, but wanted to pay our bill before trying to get out of there. The poor girl was still in the bathroom crying. She was terrified. We got our bill paid and got out of there fast.

Driving home, we had no idea what to expect. I saw street lights and posts bent. Trees pulled up out of the ground, and a couple houses along the way completely gone...

We turned into our neighborhood and went down the entrance that takes you buy the walking trail and playground. There was damaged...mostly fenced blown down and parts of roofs blown off. Pieces of siding here and there. We pulled up to our house to find the only damage was the lock on our fence gate was busted and so the gate didn't stay closed. Other than that, we found a neighbors trampoline and three different garbage cans. We made out well. Before checking out any damage, we ran inside to make sure Molly was safe. She was so frightened. She had been clawing at the front door base boards, trying to dig her way out. There is a white powder all over our front hardwood from her efforts. I so so happy to see her safe!

After the weather had cleared a bit more, we headed outside as most of our neighbors did. Our house was so lucky...it was on the very edge. We walked down the street and took the first right and this is what we saw:

Unbelievable...I don't think anyone was hurt. I think the people that lived in the houses that were completely destroyed were at work.

The last picture is what we only assume is one house on top of another, becase this morning there were two houses there. Pray for these people.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nursery Progress

My nursery chair came in last week and we picked it up Saturday and kind of put the nursery together. I still haven't even purchased the chair rail, so I will have to move everything back to install it (clean up the carpets, again) and then put all the furniture back. But, I love my nursery and can't wait for the baby to see/use it's room! I thought I would share my pictures.

Now I am just looking for things to decorate the walls, which always takes me a long time to do. So I better start now.

Friday, April 3, 2009


That is all Gretchen Wilson is to me. She is on the radio right now and I swear she makes my ears bleed.

I also can't stand and change the station when the John Rich song comes on - Shuttin' Detroit Down. I must be the only one that hates that song, because the radio DJ talk all the time about how requested that song is.

The only way to fix my headache from Gretchen Wilson is to go buy the new Keith Urban CD. I can't believe I have waited as long as I have. 3 days?! OK, a little dramatic, but I have never been disappointed by one of his CD's. I don't think I can say the same thing about any other music artist yet.

Keith Urban is my Aussie Hottie

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barefoot & Pregnant

And I now know why. My favorite shoes are starting to feel like they are trying to slowly choke my feet. And my ring is a little on the tight side today also.

I hope my body is just playing a mean April Fool's joke on me. I am not ready to start swelling yet.

Off to drink LOTS of water.