Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 22 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: He is around 11 inches long and the size of a papaya

How Momma Feels: I've started getting braxton hicks contractions this week. I forgot how hard your belly gets when those happen. I tried jogging while on the treadmill once this week, and that really caused those braxton hicks...so won't be doing that again! Also get car sick easily. It was hard driving around Birmingham this past weekend looking at houses, because I felt so sick. I went from excited to done in a pretty short time.

Baby Bump: It's becoming noticeable to strangers. The moving guy came to get an idea of what we had to be packed. He asked how many kids I had and I said "one boy and I'm pregnant with our second." He said, "I thought so, but I didn't want to assume. You never know..."

What I'm Eating: We got to eat out a lot last weekend since we were house hunting. We ended up at Whole Foods at least once a day, and each time I got one of those big container of pre-cut fruit (the ones that weigh at least a 1/2 pound). I'd eat entire thing, except for the blackberries, which I don't care for. Andrew ate those. But I devoured the strawberries, kiwi, mango, blueberries, and raspberries.

Exercise: I did a whole spin class one day, and 1/2 of one the other (not really liking the instructor). On the day I skipped out on half of spin I did light free weights. I also got in 5.5 miles on a stationary bike one day and did Body Pump one evening. Not my usual schedule but it worked for me.

Movement: Charlie moved so much while I was driving to and from Birmingham. It made it hard for me to go long without stopping to use the bathroom. He would be pretty quite all day, but bounce around a lot while I was just stuck in the car. =/

Preparing for Charlie: At this stage in the game I already had Colin's room painted, furniture ordered, and started buying some baby items. I can't do much in terms of a room for him yet since we have no clue where we will be. I did look in the attic for some of Colin's newborn and 0-3 baby clothing. I couldn't find any. Andrew and I then remembered that I gave it all away when Colin was a baby because I was convinced I wasn't doing this again. Ha! I know I have a small box somewhere, but will have to re-purchase all those tiny little essentials.

I have already picked him up some footed sleepers and long sleeved onesies. I'll probably wait until closer to fall to buy anymore since he will be born during the colder weather. Not much to choose from right now!

I did get in with an OB in Birmingham and I have an appointment for the Wednesday after we move there. They seemed very nice on the phone and I read good reviews about the Dr online. And the hospital I will deliver at is easy to get to.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 21 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 10.5 inches (measured from head to toe now!) about the size of a carrot

How Momma Feels: Pretty much like myself! I get a little down on myself when I weigh in every week, so I'm going to stop. It's habit and I always do it once a week, but I'm going to have to do it every 4 or so instead. I'm doing everything right so I am starting to think my body is just designed to gain on the high side of the pregnancy weight gain scale.

Baby Bump: It's not all pretty and round yet, but it does stick out! Getting there.

What I'm Eating: Normal things. We spent last week up at my Aunt Mary's lake house and a couple days in Chicago. I ate normal all week except for Tuesday night at Pizano's in Chicago - I ate almost two pieces of deep dish. It was so delicious. =)

Exercise: Since we were at the lake I knew my exercise schedule wouldn't be my normal one. I brought my workout gear to get in some walking, but never did because my foot was hurting so badly. I was almost dreading Chicago. I did a ton of walking on Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago, my foot was really sore and hurt Thursday, but then Friday it was back to normal! I'm looking forward to getting back to my walking, spin, and body pump classes this week.

Maternity Clothing: I bought a couple new basics while in Chicago since most of those stores carry maternity (GAP!!).

Movement: I've been getting lots of it in the morning. It dies down around lunch and picks up again in the evening. I'm loving all the thumps and bumps. I got one punch or kick that made me say "ouch" out loud. Not sure if it actually hurt me or if it was just so hard it startled me.

I put one of Colin's little trucks on my belly for a little bit and watched it move as Charlie kicked. =)

Big Brother: On the way to the lake Colin said, "We need to find somewhere to take the baby so we can go on vacations." It cracked me up because he was so serious. I think because we had just dropped Molly off at the "pet hotel."

I never got around to taking a 20 week photo, but Colin and I took a photo in Chicago in the big bean. So here it is at a different angle at 20 weeks, 2 days.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tummy Tuesday - Sunday Special (Halfway!!)

How Far Along: 20 Weeks!!!

How Big is Baby: 6.5 inches - a banana

How Momma Feels: Still getting some headaches, but that terrible exhausted feeling started to disappear this week. I didn't nap but maybe once this week. I'm also sleeping better at night. My foot is still bothering me, but there isn't much I can do about that. We will be in Chicago a couple days this week, so I'm passing on my cute shoes that match my outfit, for my running shoes. I told Andrew I was dressed like a mom. =P

Baby Bump: Hello there! I think I only a couple weeks away from being able to wear my maternity dresses and it look appropriate. I definitely have a bump, but I don't think it sticks out for those dresses to lay right yet.

(Picture will be posted later. We are at the lake this week so camera not connected to computer.)

What I'm Eating: Normal things. I did have a day last week that I craved carbs. Hard core. I just wanted to eat a loaf of french bread dipped in olive oil. I didn't eat that. I think I a whole wheat blueberry muffin (homemade!) and when I was still hungry I ate a bowl of mini wheats. I was trying to get as much fiber as possible and make myself feel full.

Exercise: I got in 2 days of Body Pump, 1 day of spin, and 1 day on the stationary bike. I think switching from walking to the bike has helped my foot pain some. I go slow, but actually get my heart rate to a, safe, but higher point than walking because it is easier on my foot. When we move next month, I'm going to look into a membership at the YMCA so I have access to a pool and can add some lap swimming into the routine and take even more stress off that foot.

Maternity Clothing: Still a yes. But I'm aggravated at my Old Navy shirts. Even though I hang dry them, I think they shrink! Normally I'd assume I'm getting bigger, obviously, but all my other shirts still fit right in the arms and chest. I realize they were cheap, but this is frustrating! My GAP and Target ones have held up great during washings. I'm hitting the GAP maternity in Chicago this weeks and hope to find a couple plain tees on sale or clearance. They are my favorite.

Movement: Loving it! During the ultrasound I learned that baby is head down, so all the movement I've been feeling has been the baby's arms. I think they are practicing the drums and guitar like Uncle Will. At one point, the baby was moving its fingers like it was changing chords on a guitar.

Boy or Girl? It's a boy!!! I'm so excited to be able to say "little brother" or "brothers" when talking about Colin and the baby. And the name? Now I can refer to him by it!

Charles William Coleman

Charlie looked great on the ultrasound! He is measuring right on track and posed perfectly for all the pictures and measurement the tech needed. I can't wait to meet and snuggle little Charlie.

Andrew and I were convinced it would be a girl. I'm not sure why. I really think we wanted to prepare ourselves for something completely different from Colin. I was so overjoyed when she said Colin would have a little brother!

(I will try and add a photo of Charlie when I get a chance!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

4 Years Old

My little guy turned 4 on July 1. It's kind of hard to believe. He has developed an amazing personality over the last 4 years. He has his daddy's sense of humor and I often tell Andrew that God just hit copy & paste. Sometimes it floors me how much Colin reminds me of Andrew.

He loves making friends and is willing to play with anyone. Andrew and I are such introverts and like to keep to ourselves, that it really makes us happy to see that he such the opposite.

He also has quite a temper. Oh my. When he is mad at you, he is mad. 95% of the time he is sweet, caring, helpful...but that 5%. Hello. It usually happens when you wake him from nap or in the morning before he is ready to be up, or when you have to take away toys because he is getting a little to crazy with the swinging motion. When he's mad he will tell you either "I won't play with you anymore" or "I don't want to play with anyone." Those are my cues to give him a little space in his room alone.

He loves to run. He will set up cones in the back yard as his race track and ask us to cheer him on. I can't wait until he can do a fun run one day.

He also likes to watch the Great American Bake Off with me (I think that was the name. On CBS). I let him stay up late on Wednesdays since it comes on at 8pm and we watch together. He tells me what he would taste and I love to hear him say something looked under-baked. LOL It ended this week and it makes me sad.

For his birthday we celebrated with two small parties. First with his grandparents. Colin has recently taken to donuts, and we love Donut Country (will miss them when we move!). So I ordered donuts for an early morning party. Donuts, strawberries, milk, OJ, and Superman plates. He was a happy boy!

This year we got him a Leappad for his gift and he loves it. It amazes me how easily he picked it up and how well he plays the logic games.

Then on his actual birthday we headed to Memaw's pool had a little Lego themed swim party with a few friends. The rain held out and we were able to swim a bit before lunch and dessert. I kept the food hassle free and made an assortment of sandwiches (ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, and PB&J) with some sandwich fixings, chips, fresh fruit, and drinks.

For dessert I had big plans to make these Lego bricks out of brownies. FAIL. It was not working. Colin was disappointed because he really liked brownies. Cake he eats OK, but loves brownies. Instead I made some confetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting and topped with a Lego man I made in this really cool mold.

(my camera made his head look really long in this picture...not sure why.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 19 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Baby: 6 inches - the size of a mango, which I bought to put on salad this week, and it surprisingly big!

How Momma Feels: Still moody and enjoying having my own space. I've had a lot of headaches lately but think that might be due to the rain and weather. And my foot has been hurting me. I was supposed to have surgery back in March, but found out the day before I was pregnant! So it has put that on hold. I haven't have any real issues with my foot until this past week. I'm trying to wear ugly, but supportive shoes and hope it lets up soon.

Baby Bump: Growing! I can tell I'm filling out now. I'm also getting that sharp stabbing round ligament pain more often.

What I'm Eating: Normal things. I enjoy salads a lot right now and tend to order them when eating out. I also am into chewy fruity candy over chocolate. We munched on Sour Patch kids in the car on the way to Birmingham this weekend. They are really good if you eat them with pretzels too. I like the sour, sweet, and salty mix.

Exercise: Slow week because my foot hurt. I walked one day and did Body Pump 2 days. I am not comfortable laying on the bench anymore, so during chest I have started going out to the vertical chest press machine and using it. During triceps, I have just been doing dips or other things I can do sitting up. I'm going to try spin this week, but watch my heart rate and go slow. I just miss biking. I will probably not do everything the class does, but the instructor will understand.

Maternity Clothing: Except for the regular tee shirts or shorts I wear to workout, it is all maternity. I can still wear my small tee shirts around the house, but have a few medium on hand for when they feel tight.

Movement: Still picking up. Lately I seem to get a lot first thing in the morning and then when I sit down at night. I don't notice much in the afternoon. Most movement it low, but I got a couple little kicks or punches up higher toward my belly button the past few days.

Boy or Girl? 3 days until my scan and we should know!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 18 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Baby: 5 1/2 inches - a bell pepper!

How Momma Feels: Tired all the time. And moody. So moody. It doesn't take much to tick me off right now. I feel bad about it, and I know it sounds crazy, but my hormones are raging and I just can't control my frustration sometimes. I have liked having a lot of time to myself lately. It is keeping me sane.

Baby Bump: It is here. People keep saying I'm not big, but I am. Compare 4 weeks to 18 weeks. =)

I also take pictures with my shirt up every week. Pretty sure I'm getting some back fat. And I miss spin. My legs and behind just are not the same. I can't wait to get back to that class!

What I'm Eating: The norm. I'm lucky not to have any real aversions, aside from my normal ones (vinegar, mayo, fish, vinegar or mayo based products...).

Exercise: Last week I got in 3 days of cardio and 2 days of Body Pump. Still feeling good and enjoying the exercise, however this weekend I noticed the bottoms of my feet were hurting. Like they were inflamed or swollen. Not sure if it's the heat or maybe a pair of my sandals, but it made my walk really uncomfortable.

Maternity Clothing: Yes, and Gap had a good sale last week and I am anxiously awaiting a few pairs of jeans to try on.

Movement: Picking up! I feel it every single day. It is mostly rolls and swipes. I'd call it graceful movements. By this time with Colin, I'd had plenty of full on kicks. Not so much with this one. Not complaining though. These movements aren't nearly as startling but at the same time reassuring.

Boy or Girl? Less than two weeks until we find out!! 10 days to be exact. Hope baby cooperates and most importantly that everything on the scan looks perfect and healthy!

Big Brother: He wanted to be in the photo this week. So did Miss Molly.