Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 19 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Baby: 6 inches - the size of a mango, which I bought to put on salad this week, and it surprisingly big!

How Momma Feels: Still moody and enjoying having my own space. I've had a lot of headaches lately but think that might be due to the rain and weather. And my foot has been hurting me. I was supposed to have surgery back in March, but found out the day before I was pregnant! So it has put that on hold. I haven't have any real issues with my foot until this past week. I'm trying to wear ugly, but supportive shoes and hope it lets up soon.

Baby Bump: Growing! I can tell I'm filling out now. I'm also getting that sharp stabbing round ligament pain more often.

What I'm Eating: Normal things. I enjoy salads a lot right now and tend to order them when eating out. I also am into chewy fruity candy over chocolate. We munched on Sour Patch kids in the car on the way to Birmingham this weekend. They are really good if you eat them with pretzels too. I like the sour, sweet, and salty mix.

Exercise: Slow week because my foot hurt. I walked one day and did Body Pump 2 days. I am not comfortable laying on the bench anymore, so during chest I have started going out to the vertical chest press machine and using it. During triceps, I have just been doing dips or other things I can do sitting up. I'm going to try spin this week, but watch my heart rate and go slow. I just miss biking. I will probably not do everything the class does, but the instructor will understand.

Maternity Clothing: Except for the regular tee shirts or shorts I wear to workout, it is all maternity. I can still wear my small tee shirts around the house, but have a few medium on hand for when they feel tight.

Movement: Still picking up. Lately I seem to get a lot first thing in the morning and then when I sit down at night. I don't notice much in the afternoon. Most movement it low, but I got a couple little kicks or punches up higher toward my belly button the past few days.

Boy or Girl? 3 days until my scan and we should know!!

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  1. Sour patch kids and pretzels, LOL... Ewww!
    Can't wait till Fri!