Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tummy Tuesday - Sunday Special (Halfway!!)

How Far Along: 20 Weeks!!!

How Big is Baby: 6.5 inches - a banana

How Momma Feels: Still getting some headaches, but that terrible exhausted feeling started to disappear this week. I didn't nap but maybe once this week. I'm also sleeping better at night. My foot is still bothering me, but there isn't much I can do about that. We will be in Chicago a couple days this week, so I'm passing on my cute shoes that match my outfit, for my running shoes. I told Andrew I was dressed like a mom. =P

Baby Bump: Hello there! I think I only a couple weeks away from being able to wear my maternity dresses and it look appropriate. I definitely have a bump, but I don't think it sticks out for those dresses to lay right yet.

(Picture will be posted later. We are at the lake this week so camera not connected to computer.)

What I'm Eating: Normal things. I did have a day last week that I craved carbs. Hard core. I just wanted to eat a loaf of french bread dipped in olive oil. I didn't eat that. I think I a whole wheat blueberry muffin (homemade!) and when I was still hungry I ate a bowl of mini wheats. I was trying to get as much fiber as possible and make myself feel full.

Exercise: I got in 2 days of Body Pump, 1 day of spin, and 1 day on the stationary bike. I think switching from walking to the bike has helped my foot pain some. I go slow, but actually get my heart rate to a, safe, but higher point than walking because it is easier on my foot. When we move next month, I'm going to look into a membership at the YMCA so I have access to a pool and can add some lap swimming into the routine and take even more stress off that foot.

Maternity Clothing: Still a yes. But I'm aggravated at my Old Navy shirts. Even though I hang dry them, I think they shrink! Normally I'd assume I'm getting bigger, obviously, but all my other shirts still fit right in the arms and chest. I realize they were cheap, but this is frustrating! My GAP and Target ones have held up great during washings. I'm hitting the GAP maternity in Chicago this weeks and hope to find a couple plain tees on sale or clearance. They are my favorite.

Movement: Loving it! During the ultrasound I learned that baby is head down, so all the movement I've been feeling has been the baby's arms. I think they are practicing the drums and guitar like Uncle Will. At one point, the baby was moving its fingers like it was changing chords on a guitar.

Boy or Girl? It's a boy!!! I'm so excited to be able to say "little brother" or "brothers" when talking about Colin and the baby. And the name? Now I can refer to him by it!

Charles William Coleman

Charlie looked great on the ultrasound! He is measuring right on track and posed perfectly for all the pictures and measurement the tech needed. I can't wait to meet and snuggle little Charlie.

Andrew and I were convinced it would be a girl. I'm not sure why. I really think we wanted to prepare ourselves for something completely different from Colin. I was so overjoyed when she said Colin would have a little brother!

(I will try and add a photo of Charlie when I get a chance!)


  1. LOVE the name Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) So happy for you guys and especially for Colin that he will have a little bro!

  2. Two boys are SOOOOOO FUN! Dirty, but fun!

  3. Love the name Charlie! Congratulations!!