Friday, July 12, 2013

4 Years Old

My little guy turned 4 on July 1. It's kind of hard to believe. He has developed an amazing personality over the last 4 years. He has his daddy's sense of humor and I often tell Andrew that God just hit copy & paste. Sometimes it floors me how much Colin reminds me of Andrew.

He loves making friends and is willing to play with anyone. Andrew and I are such introverts and like to keep to ourselves, that it really makes us happy to see that he such the opposite.

He also has quite a temper. Oh my. When he is mad at you, he is mad. 95% of the time he is sweet, caring, helpful...but that 5%. Hello. It usually happens when you wake him from nap or in the morning before he is ready to be up, or when you have to take away toys because he is getting a little to crazy with the swinging motion. When he's mad he will tell you either "I won't play with you anymore" or "I don't want to play with anyone." Those are my cues to give him a little space in his room alone.

He loves to run. He will set up cones in the back yard as his race track and ask us to cheer him on. I can't wait until he can do a fun run one day.

He also likes to watch the Great American Bake Off with me (I think that was the name. On CBS). I let him stay up late on Wednesdays since it comes on at 8pm and we watch together. He tells me what he would taste and I love to hear him say something looked under-baked. LOL It ended this week and it makes me sad.

For his birthday we celebrated with two small parties. First with his grandparents. Colin has recently taken to donuts, and we love Donut Country (will miss them when we move!). So I ordered donuts for an early morning party. Donuts, strawberries, milk, OJ, and Superman plates. He was a happy boy!

This year we got him a Leappad for his gift and he loves it. It amazes me how easily he picked it up and how well he plays the logic games.

Then on his actual birthday we headed to Memaw's pool had a little Lego themed swim party with a few friends. The rain held out and we were able to swim a bit before lunch and dessert. I kept the food hassle free and made an assortment of sandwiches (ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, and PB&J) with some sandwich fixings, chips, fresh fruit, and drinks.

For dessert I had big plans to make these Lego bricks out of brownies. FAIL. It was not working. Colin was disappointed because he really liked brownies. Cake he eats OK, but loves brownies. Instead I made some confetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting and topped with a Lego man I made in this really cool mold.

(my camera made his head look really long in this picture...not sure why.)

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