Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday we went the library, like usual, after a quick grocery trip. On the way home we ran though Zaxby's and brought our lunch home to enjoy on the patio. After lunch we took Colin's bike down onto our road and played outside until nap time.

Tues-Wed-Thurs we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We had school each morning and just played in the afternoons. I don't even have any pictures from those days!

Friday we started the day by taking Colin's bike to the Library and riding it on the path around the pond to the park. After playing for a while we rode back to the library where I picked up a couple books I had on hold and then went home for the day.

Andrew came home early so he could get in a run. While he was gone someone from the water company came to test the fire hydrant across the street from our house. Colin put on his rain boots and splashed and even went to get a boat to put in the stream of water. Then every other boy in the neighborhood came running down the hill behind our house, taking off their shoes as they came. They went all in and jumped right into the water. Charlie just enjoyed watching.

Saturday Granny and Papa came to visit. After Colin's tee ball game Saturday morning we took them to The Club for lunch at The Grill. I had never been to this part of the The Club and it was really good. It had a casual atmosphere to it was easy to bring the kids to. I had a really good ham and cheese on a pretzel bun and delicious sweet potato fries. They had those tiny dessert cups that are at all the restaurants now (like dessert shooters) and I had a turtle one.

After lunch we came back and Andrew and Papa got to work on some new lighting. Papa knows what he is doing so we always wait for him before we install anything electrical. The boys each got a fan, we put a new light in the kitchen (to replace the boring plain one), and after Papa left, Andrew installed a new light above the kitchen table to coordinate with the new one in the kitchen.

Granny and the boys enjoyed the nice weather outside.

Also this weekend: Charlie turned 5 months! I need to do a separate post on that, but here is the big boy! This week he tried green beans, peas, and pears. And no surprise, he liked them all. He's not been sleeping through the night lately and I had hoped solids would help with that...but nope. =( I may have to sleep train....I keep putting it off. It is not fun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We've made it a weekly thing, going to the library on Monday's. Colin enjoys playing the computer while we are there, and I always let him until Charlie hits an uncontrollable volume - then we bolt.

I'm slowly starting to introduce sight words to Colin. I'm no teacher, so I'm using Pinterest as my main source of materials and guidance. I figured one new word a week. This week the word was "and." I had a sheet with the word for him to color and decorate.Then I wrote the word on our chalkboard wall and wrote a few sentences. He would find the word in each sentence and circle it. Through out the week would ask him "how do you spell and?" or we would read a library book and I would stop on that word and point and ask if he knew it. I'm hoping he doesn't get bored with my method.

We also filled a plastic tub with rice this week so he could use his diggers in it. It has come in so handy during Charlie's nap time when we need some quiet play for Colin.

I did lots of painting this week. I painted the playroom this really pretty blue/grey color and gave Colin's room a fresh coat of blue and some stripes on an accent wall. I got the trim and crown molding painted in his room and next up are the ceilings so we can install new fans in both of the boys' rooms.

At Colin's tee ball game this week he got to be on the pitcher's mound for one inning. He loved it because it made it easy to get the balls (and earn $1 for each). He also did  lot of dancing out there. He was overall very happy to be in that position. =)

Charlie had more solids this week: carrots & squash. He liked sweet potatoes, then really liked the carrots, then LOVED the squash. He couldn't get enough. He grabs at the spoon and I swear I heard him say "mmmmm." I have green beans to try next, and I made my own peas, prune, and pears and have them ready for him to try soon. 

We had a nice Easter: egg hunt in the morning with a big breakfast followed by church and then we worked outside on the deck again while Charlie napped and Colin played outside. We don't do big baskets. Colin had eggs with candy in them to find, a chocolate Baseball playing bunny, and got the movie Frozen (oh my gosh - he sings that song all the time. It is so funny. But his favorite character is the snowman and he loves the Summer Song). Charlie got a new car seat toy and a sippy cup (which leaks...).

Sunday night I let Colin ride his bike in the street in front of our house. It surprisingly busy and he can only ride in it when I'm out there. I grabbed my bike and rode with him for a little bit. I miss my bike!! I can't wait until I can bring Charlie along for the ride. Then we hung out in the street with the neighbors eating bomb pops and chatting until it got dark. I really love my neighborhood.

Weekly Meal Plan


  • Belvita
  • Eggs
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal
  • PB&J
  • Salad
  • Leftovers
  • Chick-fil-a
  • Chicken Pizza
  • Turkey Burgers
  • Orange Chicken
  • Paula Dean Tacos
  • Chicken Parm

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Stitch Fix

Here are the contents of my 2nd Fix!

First up...

I really did not like this. I love a good cardigan, but this just looked frumpy. It was the right size and I liked the length, but the ruffly/flowy kind of front was not working for me. 

Verdict: Sent Back

Again, really really didn't like this. It was longer in the back than the front. The waist hit me in a strange spot, and the colors were no fun for Spring. I also am not a fan of tank top dresses. 

Verdict: Sent Back

(I forgot to take a photo!)

Loved the color of these, a mint green. But they didn't fit. I had to really suck it in to button them. Skinny jeans are hit or miss on the fit for me. GAP tends to be a hit...these were a complete miss. ($

Verdict: Send Back

I love a good blouse. I am into shirts that have a looser fit these days (not super flowy). They are slowly replacing the more fitted items in my closet. This blouse is looser and has a cute neckline. It goes really well with my nice denim and looks great with my white shorts. I would love to find a cute skirt to pair it with in the future also.

Verdict: Keep

So I really liked this purse It had a pocket inside, a zipper pocket outside, and even the big flap was a zipper pocket. It can be a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag. But it was black. And that is no fun at the beginning of Spring and I have enough black bags.

So I did some internet searching and found the same bag but in a pink color called berry.

Verdict: Send Back (but buy same purse in different color elsewhere)

I got one item I really loved and found my way to a new purse (assuming the color is to my liking when it comes in). So I will stick with Stitch Fix for another month. 

To find out more about Stitch Fix and get your own Fix, click here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm going to try an do this regularly. Just a sum up of what we've done over the past wee and any pictures.
  •  We had a ton of rain last Monday and it caused a lot of flooding damage around here. Our house was fine, but the park we enjoy is destroyed. It is right next to the river and all the equipment is done for.
  • We took Andrew to the library Wednesday night. He was impressed with the selection of movies and even got his own card.
  • Friday we went to the zoo and I immediately regretted my decision when I pulled in. I have never seen so many buses. I had to park in some grassy area up a hill pretty far from the entrance. We rode the train first thing when we got there while the line was short and walked around and enjoyed the nice weather for a couple hours while looking at the animals. Colin surprised me and even rode a camel - alone!
  • Friday & Saturday we spent working on our deck. The wood was pretty old and didn't look like it had been maintained, so we applied this stuff called "Restore It." It is like a really thick paint that you roll on with a textured roller. It coats the old wood and leaves this bumpy kind of texture. We didn't finish it because we knew we had rain coming in soon. So this week we need to roll one more coat on one half of our deck and then paint the outside of all the spinals. It has been a lot of work, but looks so much better.
  • Sunday Andrew helped a neighbor a few houses down install a French Drain (I think that is what it is called). They had flooding in their basement and needed a drainage solution quickly. Andrew got to know another neighbor and learned how to install a new drainage system. Now that he knows how to do it, we are going to put one in our backyard to help with some of our drainage issues.
  • Charlie had his first solid food Sunday night as well! Sweet Potatoes. He seemed to enjoy the small amount I offered and didn't spit out much at all. He's also teething and it's making him cranky. =/ I can see his gums are swollen on the bottom and hope those guys break through soon.
  • Colin spent all weekend outside. He had a tee ball game Saturday morning and then stayed outside until the sun went down that night. Then repeated that on Sunday, expect we had church instead of a tee ball game. I'm loving the warm weather.