Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We've made it a weekly thing, going to the library on Monday's. Colin enjoys playing the computer while we are there, and I always let him until Charlie hits an uncontrollable volume - then we bolt.

I'm slowly starting to introduce sight words to Colin. I'm no teacher, so I'm using Pinterest as my main source of materials and guidance. I figured one new word a week. This week the word was "and." I had a sheet with the word for him to color and decorate.Then I wrote the word on our chalkboard wall and wrote a few sentences. He would find the word in each sentence and circle it. Through out the week would ask him "how do you spell and?" or we would read a library book and I would stop on that word and point and ask if he knew it. I'm hoping he doesn't get bored with my method.

We also filled a plastic tub with rice this week so he could use his diggers in it. It has come in so handy during Charlie's nap time when we need some quiet play for Colin.

I did lots of painting this week. I painted the playroom this really pretty blue/grey color and gave Colin's room a fresh coat of blue and some stripes on an accent wall. I got the trim and crown molding painted in his room and next up are the ceilings so we can install new fans in both of the boys' rooms.

At Colin's tee ball game this week he got to be on the pitcher's mound for one inning. He loved it because it made it easy to get the balls (and earn $1 for each). He also did  lot of dancing out there. He was overall very happy to be in that position. =)

Charlie had more solids this week: carrots & squash. He liked sweet potatoes, then really liked the carrots, then LOVED the squash. He couldn't get enough. He grabs at the spoon and I swear I heard him say "mmmmm." I have green beans to try next, and I made my own peas, prune, and pears and have them ready for him to try soon. 

We had a nice Easter: egg hunt in the morning with a big breakfast followed by church and then we worked outside on the deck again while Charlie napped and Colin played outside. We don't do big baskets. Colin had eggs with candy in them to find, a chocolate Baseball playing bunny, and got the movie Frozen (oh my gosh - he sings that song all the time. It is so funny. But his favorite character is the snowman and he loves the Summer Song). Charlie got a new car seat toy and a sippy cup (which leaks...).

Sunday night I let Colin ride his bike in the street in front of our house. It surprisingly busy and he can only ride in it when I'm out there. I grabbed my bike and rode with him for a little bit. I miss my bike!! I can't wait until I can bring Charlie along for the ride. Then we hung out in the street with the neighbors eating bomb pops and chatting until it got dark. I really love my neighborhood.

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