Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday we went the library, like usual, after a quick grocery trip. On the way home we ran though Zaxby's and brought our lunch home to enjoy on the patio. After lunch we took Colin's bike down onto our road and played outside until nap time.

Tues-Wed-Thurs we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We had school each morning and just played in the afternoons. I don't even have any pictures from those days!

Friday we started the day by taking Colin's bike to the Library and riding it on the path around the pond to the park. After playing for a while we rode back to the library where I picked up a couple books I had on hold and then went home for the day.

Andrew came home early so he could get in a run. While he was gone someone from the water company came to test the fire hydrant across the street from our house. Colin put on his rain boots and splashed and even went to get a boat to put in the stream of water. Then every other boy in the neighborhood came running down the hill behind our house, taking off their shoes as they came. They went all in and jumped right into the water. Charlie just enjoyed watching.

Saturday Granny and Papa came to visit. After Colin's tee ball game Saturday morning we took them to The Club for lunch at The Grill. I had never been to this part of the The Club and it was really good. It had a casual atmosphere to it was easy to bring the kids to. I had a really good ham and cheese on a pretzel bun and delicious sweet potato fries. They had those tiny dessert cups that are at all the restaurants now (like dessert shooters) and I had a turtle one.

After lunch we came back and Andrew and Papa got to work on some new lighting. Papa knows what he is doing so we always wait for him before we install anything electrical. The boys each got a fan, we put a new light in the kitchen (to replace the boring plain one), and after Papa left, Andrew installed a new light above the kitchen table to coordinate with the new one in the kitchen.

Granny and the boys enjoyed the nice weather outside.

Also this weekend: Charlie turned 5 months! I need to do a separate post on that, but here is the big boy! This week he tried green beans, peas, and pears. And no surprise, he liked them all. He's not been sleeping through the night lately and I had hoped solids would help with that...but nope. =( I may have to sleep train....I keep putting it off. It is not fun.


  1. Im loving these new posts! Happy 5 mths Charlie! Such a sweet cutie pie!
    LOVE the light fixtures too, esp the kitchen!

  2. I am with the fans & new kitchen light!!!

    PS that playground is awesome. We need to come for a playdate soon! Kids get out of school May 23rd btw. AND!! we are getting a swingset installed this week so we will have to have y'all over for dinner soon! :)