Monday, April 7, 2014

That's what I'm doing these days

Here lately we've been taking in what our small town and surrounding areas have to offer. First we explored our library. It is this tiny little thing near the Elementary School and Post Office. I knew they would have books but was really excited to see the extensive selection DVDs. We've gone several times to get new books for both Colin and I. And we both have enjoyed the movies. He has chosen many different space themed documentaries (and surprisingly loved them) and I have been lucky enough to get Gilmore Girls and the latest Downton Abbey.

After our first visit to the library we took our books to a park down the road at the Helena Amphitheater. They have a great shaded park that is next to the river.  After playing we met Andrew across the street at The Depot Deli & Grill for burgers, philly cheesesteaks, and hot dogs. Then we stopped by the red caboose which is a welcome center here. It is being cleaned up and painted so we just took a quick photo on it.

Colin has had two tee ball games already and is having so much fun. He is starting to understand that he needs to get the ball when it is hit into the field. Perhaps because we told him for each ball he gets he gets $1. It motivated him! He no longer stares at the sky or day dreams but participates.

We recently joined a place called The Club and tried it out for the first time with someone Andrew works with and his wife/son, who are also members, on the first family night of the season. The typically dressy dining room was more relaxed and denim was allowed. They had a DJ playing songs for the kids and people doing face paint. Colin and his little friend William loved the light up dance floor. We were lucky enough to get a table right by the dance floor so it made it easy for him to eat and get up and dance whenever he wanted. After we ate dinner we walked around and took a look at the other dining room/restaurants and got to see the city all lit up at night. It is a great place and we look forward to getting to do more family nights there as well as some holiday celebrations (and date nights once I find a sitter!).

This past weekend was the Spring Fling at the Elementary School and Colin played some carnival games, won a couple prizes, and even road his first ride! It was a little ride, but he isn't usually one to get on something that moves so I was very proud of him. He loved it. I told him this is where he will go to Kindergarten in a couple years (we are waiting one year to send him b/c of how close his b-day is to the cut off) and he told me that he was excited because then the teachers could come take them right to the carnival...hope Kindergarten isn't too much a disappointment for him!

After the carnival we took a walk through Old Town Helena and ended up at The Depot (again) for lunch. This time we got a picnic table and watched the waterfall while we ate.

And my back splash is done in my kitchen! I love it. And I think you either love it or don't. There isn't much in-between. LOL Andrew is still on the fence, but admits it makes the kitchen look so much better. Here's a peek, but I still need to pick a paint color and repaint, then I will give you some full view before and after shots.

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  1. I LOVE THE BACKSPLASH!!!! the pattern is so different!!

    sounds like you guys are keeping busy and exploring Helena. that place The Club sounds fun; never heard of it! :)