Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Stitch Fix

Here are the contents of my 2nd Fix!

First up...

I really did not like this. I love a good cardigan, but this just looked frumpy. It was the right size and I liked the length, but the ruffly/flowy kind of front was not working for me. 

Verdict: Sent Back

Again, really really didn't like this. It was longer in the back than the front. The waist hit me in a strange spot, and the colors were no fun for Spring. I also am not a fan of tank top dresses. 

Verdict: Sent Back

(I forgot to take a photo!)

Loved the color of these, a mint green. But they didn't fit. I had to really suck it in to button them. Skinny jeans are hit or miss on the fit for me. GAP tends to be a hit...these were a complete miss. ($

Verdict: Send Back

I love a good blouse. I am into shirts that have a looser fit these days (not super flowy). They are slowly replacing the more fitted items in my closet. This blouse is looser and has a cute neckline. It goes really well with my nice denim and looks great with my white shorts. I would love to find a cute skirt to pair it with in the future also.

Verdict: Keep

So I really liked this purse It had a pocket inside, a zipper pocket outside, and even the big flap was a zipper pocket. It can be a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag. But it was black. And that is no fun at the beginning of Spring and I have enough black bags.

So I did some internet searching and found the same bag but in a pink color called berry.

Verdict: Send Back (but buy same purse in different color elsewhere)

I got one item I really loved and found my way to a new purse (assuming the color is to my liking when it comes in). So I will stick with Stitch Fix for another month. 

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  1. And I forgot to add, I changed my price point for my next box. I usually go with the $50-100 category in attempt to get high quality pieces. But I switched it to "the cheaper the better" after seeing some reviews of clothing in that category. I might switch it back and forth to just mix up my options.

  2. I love that crossover bag! Where did you end up buying it? Thanks!!! :)

    1. I found it at South Moon Under online. They had it in black and in a pink color (that I love!).