Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm going to try an do this regularly. Just a sum up of what we've done over the past wee and any pictures.
  •  We had a ton of rain last Monday and it caused a lot of flooding damage around here. Our house was fine, but the park we enjoy is destroyed. It is right next to the river and all the equipment is done for.
  • We took Andrew to the library Wednesday night. He was impressed with the selection of movies and even got his own card.
  • Friday we went to the zoo and I immediately regretted my decision when I pulled in. I have never seen so many buses. I had to park in some grassy area up a hill pretty far from the entrance. We rode the train first thing when we got there while the line was short and walked around and enjoyed the nice weather for a couple hours while looking at the animals. Colin surprised me and even rode a camel - alone!
  • Friday & Saturday we spent working on our deck. The wood was pretty old and didn't look like it had been maintained, so we applied this stuff called "Restore It." It is like a really thick paint that you roll on with a textured roller. It coats the old wood and leaves this bumpy kind of texture. We didn't finish it because we knew we had rain coming in soon. So this week we need to roll one more coat on one half of our deck and then paint the outside of all the spinals. It has been a lot of work, but looks so much better.
  • Sunday Andrew helped a neighbor a few houses down install a French Drain (I think that is what it is called). They had flooding in their basement and needed a drainage solution quickly. Andrew got to know another neighbor and learned how to install a new drainage system. Now that he knows how to do it, we are going to put one in our backyard to help with some of our drainage issues.
  • Charlie had his first solid food Sunday night as well! Sweet Potatoes. He seemed to enjoy the small amount I offered and didn't spit out much at all. He's also teething and it's making him cranky. =/ I can see his gums are swollen on the bottom and hope those guys break through soon.
  • Colin spent all weekend outside. He had a tee ball game Saturday morning and then stayed outside until the sun went down that night. Then repeated that on Sunday, expect we had church instead of a tee ball game. I'm loving the warm weather.

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  1. love sunny days (and kids playing outside all day!) :)