Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(Late) Weekly Wrap up

A day or two late, but here it is!

Last Monday we started the day with a trip to Aldi, and Charlie was able to sit in the seat part of the cart! He can't at Target (the seats are deeper or something) but the Aldi carts are just right with the perfect buckles. He loves riding up there and makes my shopping trip so much easier.

Monday night we had severe weather so I set up camp in the basement. We had the pull out couch ready, moved the crib matteress down for Colin, and set up the pack n play in the Man Cave for Charlie. Since the Man Cave is the safest room, I had everything else set up in there: water, food, diapers/formula, shoes/socks, car seat, and helmets for all. After the ice storm, I didn't want to chance being unprepared.

Luckily, we just missed the damage and were fine.

Wednesday my mom came to town to stay for the week so I could get some stuff done on the house while she watched the boys. We planted new bushes around the deck and I spent most of my time painting the kitchen. I painted the ceiling, trim, molding, and walls. Here's a sneak peek (the walls used to be gold...) and I can't wait to post my before/after pictures.

Thursday night we took my mom to The Club for family night.

I made more baby food for Charlie. These are apricots, and he LOVES them.This week, along with apricots, he tried peaches and bananas and also loved them. So far he loves everything that has gone in his mouth.

Sunday night we played outside with the neighbor.

And just a few cute photos of my boys.

Oh, and meet Henry, our chipmunk friend. He is always on our deck. He chirps (I didn't realize they made that noise) and will come about up to the door. We have left pecans for him and he will come get them if Molly doesn't bark and scare him away. Maybe I should avoid feeding the wild rodent, but he's kind of cute. And we are pretty sure he lives up in the log behind our house.

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  1. I cant get over how big and SMILEY Charlie is! I LOVE HIM! Also.. I noticed his rabbit/lovey he's sleeping with is the EXACT one Cole sleeps with that he calls "Baby"!

    OH and cant wait to see the kitchen! :)