Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday we mostly hung around the house. Charlie is showing off the new skill he is trying to master: getting up on his hand and knees. He doesn't rock or move, but he is getting that belly off the ground!

Monday night Andrew finished laying the bricks around the flower bed around the deck. We pulled out and bunch of stuff and replaced with with a few rose bushes, a hibiscus bush, and some hydrangeas. We need to get a delivery of pine straw to cover the dirt and make it look finished. We are also still trying to figure out how to grow some grass in the back. It is so bare!

Tuesday I got my 3rd Stitch Fix and I kept one item: white denim shorts.

Wednesday we made kale and mushroom strogranoff. I took this picture to put with the recipe when I get a chance to post it. So yummy!

Thursday was a busy day. First Colin graduated from his 4k program. They sang some songs and wore a cap and gown. Then there was cake and punch and cute little "photo booths" after.

I took Colin out early that day since I was already at the school, and we went to the Galleria. Charlie got some new clothes and Colin spent some time at the Lego Store. Then we grabbed lunch in the food court, rode the carosel (even me & Charlie!), and then grabbed a treat at the Godiva store.

That evening we went back to The Club for family night and enjoyed a magician. He was making rabbits and birds appear out of thin air...Colin loved it!

This weekend we spent outside playing with friends and one the swing set.

Colin was so tired Saturday night that he fell asleep at 5 pm...under his bed. We moved him to his bed after a while and he ended up sleeping 15 HOURS.

This Wednesday we are off to Florida so my wrap up my be later next week.

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  1. Your flower beds look GREAT!!!
    I want that recipe!
    Um hello... that pic of you in those shorts?? YOu look amazing, are you sure you just had a baby? Which, by the way, is too cute for words!
    And Colin under the bed, HILARIOUS!