Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday I spent giving the kitchen one more coat of paint.

Tuesday we dropped Colin off at school, after taking Memaw to breakfast at Edgar's Bakery, and then Memaw and Charlie and I did a little shopping. Charlie passed out while at the mall.

Wednesday I made Charlie some more baby food for the freezer: blueberry sauce to add to his oatmeal. And when he is eating and it ready for his next bite, he will just sit there with his mouth open, waiting for you to put the spoon in his mouth.

He isn't a fan of rice cereal, but really likes oatmeal when I pair it with a fruit. He also loves Molly, and sticks his hands out for her lick, even when he is eating.

He had a doctor appointment last week and weighed in at 19 lbs 1 oz and was 27.5 inches long. His 9 month clothes are starting to get hard to button at the diaper area, so I'm making it my mission this week to start finding some 12 month stuff for him.

Also, just this morning, I found him pushing himself up onto his knees. Not for very long but he was getting his belly up off the ground a little bit.

Thursday we picked up some speed boat toys for Colin to take to the pool this summer. He wanted to try them out in the sink.

I hung up some frames in Charlie's room, but only have one photo of Charlie for the frames yet. So one of these is Colin and one is Charlie. Still can't get over how much alike they look.

Friday night we went to Top It Off for frozen yogurt (not as good as Sweet Cece's!)

Saturday morning we went to Edgar's Bakery for breakfast and Colin decorated a cookie for me for Mother's Day. Then at home he let me open his gift that he made at school. There was a pot holder with his hand print on it, and this picture of him with a hanger. I love it. I think he is dancing in the photo. LOL

Mother's Day I got to sleep in (yay!). Andrew made me breakfast and then we were off to church. For lunch we picked up Chinese at Zou's Kitchen and Colin actually shared my chicken and broccoli with me. HUGE step for him. He is so picky but coming around on some things. Then, I got a nap. =) So it was a great day!

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