Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor

I am watching it right now...and I do not like Ali. She is a jerk. She is mean. I just don't like her and she was my first pick. She is too concerned about every other girl in the house.

I like Gia...and I like Vienna more than Ali. Tenley looks like the girl from "Hey Dude." The one married to Ben Stiller now.

I am watching the date with her and Jake right now.


  1. (gasp!) She DOES look like the girl from "Hey Dude!" Melody? "It's a little wild and a little strange..."

  2. That is hilarious! I think her name is Christine Taylor. And you are exactly right - Tenley looks so much like her!!

    I like Tenley ok and think Jake will pick her b/c they are so similar...super polite/nice/cheesy. Like, super cheesy. She is nice but just kinda annoys me. Maybe she's just TOO nice!

    See, I like Ali. Maybe I like that she has a bitchy side, haha!

    I just cannot stand to look at Vienna. Something about her face just irks me, sorry! :)