Monday, September 30, 2013

2 Weeks at Home

We've been in the new house for 2 weeks now, and still have so much to do! We have pretty much all the boxes unpacked, but every single room seems to be in a chaotic state. I'm trying to accept that as my reality right now and just go with it. =) I find if I start to do too much I get really tired or bring on a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Even putting clean sheets on the bed this morning made them strong and kind of uncomfortable. So right now I'm sitting on our deck with the iPad watching Colin play in his sandbox and on his play set.

He loves his new house. We turned one of the basement rooms (we have a split foyer) into a play room. It holds all his toys and the majority of our furniture from our old living room, plus the computer. It was the first room we finished as I knew it would get the most use. I didn't do much to it. It was already painted a neutral color so I just left it, even though it isn't my favorite neutral. I painted one wall in there with chalkboard paint and we have so much fun with it.

The playroom being finished has worked out great since we have a set of 4 year twins right next door! Colin wakes up asking to play with them first thing. All three like to play outside on the play set or sandbox and put the playroom to good use. It gets a little chaotic, but I think I've started to control the crowd by making the rule that all toys stay down stairs in the playroom.

The only room that has been painted is Charlie's room. Colin's room is already the blue I want, but needs a fresh coat of paint. The last boy had lots of stuff on his walls, but at least that is one room I don't feel rushed to complete. We did order him a new dresser and it will be here next week!

All the rooms in this house need a paint job but I'm kind of overwhelmed at where to start. So right now I'm just trying to enjoy the house as it is and decide what I want it to end up looking like. Baby you will be able to tell from the card table in my kitchen!

A few random pictures from my phone:
First thing we did was replace all the appliances. It was a headache in a half, but I LOVE all of them!

Treated Molly to a new food/water bowl.

The chalkboard wall right after painting. So clean and shiny. Now it is covered in art. I love it.

Colin is getting so good at writing his name. I am so impressed at his school. It is kind of a drive from our house now, but totally worth it! Not only does he have music class, chapel, and PE, but he also has Spanish class and computer class once a week. And we LOVE his teacher.

With all our paint swatches I decided to practice his scissor skills. Impressed me again!

Playing with the neighbor twins in the sandbox. I sipped coffee of the back deck. I love our neighborhood.

And you can't see him, but he is up in the fort part of his play-set.

(I wrote this Friday and forgot to post. Between then and now we've spent a lot of time inside as Colin has had a fever all weekend. I think we are healthy and ready for a new week!)

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  1. omg love your backyard & swingset!!!! we will definitely be inviting ourselves over soon :) want to see the chalkboard wall!