Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 31 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: 16 inches, and 3.3 lbs (the size of a coconut). But at my ultrasound last week at 30w4d, he was already weighing in at 4 lbs!!

How Momma Feels: I get lots of braxton hicks contractions through the day. I drink plenty of water and try to take it easy. I asked my Dr about it and she said it was common with 2nd pregnancies and maybe he will be a little early. I really don't feel 31 weeks pregnant yet. I have been so lucky not to have consistent back pain or any swelling. My wedding ring still fits and I sleep relatively normal. I can tell my sleep is getting lighter and I wake up more to pee or adjust, but I still feel like I get a decent amount, so no real complaints about that yet.

Baby Bump: It is now in the way! Tying my shoes is hard. Ha! I have to have a stool to get stuff off the second shelf in my laundry room now because I can't reach that far without my belly hitting the washer or dryer and restricting how far I can reach.

What I'm Eating: This week I've liked Tootsie Pops and fruit salad. I get those fruit cups that are cut up chunks of mango and I blueberries, strawberries, and banana slices. So good!

Exercise: It was a slow week again =/ I've been doing less weights and more walking. I'm OK with that. I just want to keep moving!

Movement: He's still strong. Ultrasound tech wasn't surprised that his movements hurt me sometimes as she watched his during the ultrasound. He had his butt up by my ribs, and his feet by this hands near my hips.

Prepping for Charlie: Colin has been keeping his clothing in Charlie's changing table. His new dresser comes this week so after we get all his stuff settled into his room I am going to to wash most of Charlie's stuff and get is set in his drawers. I love all those sweet newborn clothes and swaddles! I did buy more plain stuff this time around. Like, I bought plain white onesies. Boring, but practical!

I am having a hard time finding those burp cloths that are actually cloth diapers. I think they are Gerber and they look like they have three pieces to them. They are my favorite. I hate those tine strips of cloth Carter's calls a burp cloth. Colin had reflux and I needed something absorbent. These fit the bill and I can never find them! And they make great dusting cloths. =) Anyway, that's my mission right now.


  1. I will look at my Target for those burpcloths!!

  2. I have a TON! I will give you some, REMIND ME! Cant wait to see that bump next week!