Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

How Far Along: 34 Weeks, 2 Days

How Big is Charlie: I think the size of a cantaloupe.

How Momma Feels: I'm at the point where I feel done. I'm big and uncomfortable. I can't give Colin his baths anymore as of this week - it just isn't possible.

Nothing specifically is hurting or bothering me. My back doesn't ache and I'm still not swollen, I just don't feel like myself in my own skin anymore.

I got a killer headache this weekend and we think it was triggered by me painting. My OB list said painting was OK in a well ventilated place. I painted our small guest bath, and took tons of breaks, but I'm thinking that wasn't enough. I even trimmed one day and rolled the next. I was really careful. But Sunday after church we were making lunch and I got what we only can assume is a nasty migraine. I was having vision problems and I couldn't form sentences. It scared me and I honestly thought I was having a stroke. My blood pressure was normal and no swelling, so I rested and did every single thing a friend that suffers from migraines suggested and finally got relief. Needless to say, I'm done painting until Charlie is here.

Baby Bump: It's so BIG! And still 6 weeks to grow! I have a scan Friday morning and so I am hoping I get an update weight estimate.

(pic update later)

What I'm Eating: I really like those Quaker Oatmeal bowls right now. I eat one pretty much every morning. But the only one I like is the blueberry and hazelnut. And I got my first baked good from Edgar's Bakery in over a month! A delicious pumpkin muffin.

Exercise: I got in 2 whole days last week. Not much. And one of them was Colin's field trip to the pumpkin patch. HA! But this wasn't like Lucky Ladd Farms. You don't walk across the parking lot to the fun. I had to freaking hike in the woods. And they gave this warning about yellow jacket bee stings before embarking. I really would have skipped had I known. I don't do hiking when not with child - adding my clumsy round body to those woods was a disaster waiting to happen. I survived and had people constantly asking if I was OK...which made me feel like one of the 4 year olds...but I'm so glad I got to watch Colin interact with his classmates and new friends.

Movement: He's been kind of quite the past few days. Must be running out of wiggle room.

Big Brother: We were getting ready to run errands yesterday and were putting on our shoes. Colin plops down and says, "know what we should name baby Charlie? Ice Ice Baby."

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  1. Ice Ice Baby.....I love it!!! :)

    You are a brave momma, doing a field trip with 4 yr olds!!