Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tummy Tuesday (late!)

How Far Along: 33 Weeks, 3 Days (day late, oops!)

How Big is Charlie: The size of a pineapple - 17.2 inches and about 4.5 lbs. I had an ultrasound at my appointment yesterday and he was estimated to weigh 5 lbs 11 oz...

How Momma Feels: Only complaint is sleeping.I have to fully wake up to change positions and then it is hard to fall back asleep. Oh, and it's also getting harder to breathe. This big boy isn't allowing Mommy to get as much air in as before.

Baby Bump: I've started feeling huge. And bending over. All of the sudden I can't. =) My nurse made my day yesterday and told me I looked good and was pretty small. I really needed that. God must have known!

What I'm Eating: I'm so boring! Nothing weird. Looking forward to some Halloween candy that Colin said he would share.

Exercise: I walked 1 or 2 days last week. I just do it when I can. I've had a lot of Dr appts and deliveries at the house. Our neighborhood isn't great for walks for me since it is so hilly - it just gives me contractions. I was in Murfreesboro last weekend and cheered on Andrew during the Middle Half, and I look forward to trying to run again after Charlie is here. Or bike. I tried the spin bike last week and my legs kept hitting my belly. It didn't last long.

Movement: He's still a strong one. And I really don't think he is as big as the ultrasound says - at least weight wise. He feels very long, not heavy. The ultrasound tech said she agreed, that while he was probably big, he wasn't actually 5 lbs 11 oz. His legs are super long and she thinks it was throwing off the measurements. She also said his head was really low (which believe me, I know!) and his butt was stuck up in my rib. So he is nice and spread out in there. I get movement all over and it still stops me often and takes my breathe away.

I'm so excited to see how big he actually is!!

Big Brother: He loves to put his hand on my belly and wait for Charlie to move. I'm so glad he is a little older during my pregnancy so that he is excited too. This picture was from when we were waiting outside Barnes & Noble for it to open. I told him Charlie was dancing this morning. And he placed his hand there and patiently waited for some movement.

A good profile from yesterday's ultrasound.

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