Monday, February 14, 2011

Update: Pure Barre

I attended the Pure Barre class on Saturday morning. And I couldn't finish. Embarrassing. I actually had to leave the room. Andrew was laughing at me, but I told him I stood there and thought "I could pass out here in front of everyone or try and make it to the lobby." So I motioned to the instructor that I was going to leave (thinking I might be back) and once I got in the lobby it went black and I couldn't see. I found a wall and made it to the floor and just said "help." LOL

I am mostly embarrassed that I couldn't finish the class! It was not exactly what I was expecting. The barre is is not like ballet. The barre is pretty much there to support you.

I texted Emily (who will look amazing in her wedding gown a year from now after all these classes) and told her I couldn't go back.

I am now sore EVERYWHERE. In places I didn't realize I had muscles. It hurts to laugh, blow my nose, change positions at night... It obviously works - the instructor had a baby 5 months ago and look amazing. I may not have the courage to go back to a class (at least anytime in the near future) but I did go online and purchase the DVD from I thought I was in shape. I hope that I can work with the DVD and maybe attend a class with Emily in the future and finish it out.

Also this weekend, I bought leggings. Bold move on my part. I didn't think I would ever be buying a pair of those, but I couldn't resist. I actually found a pair that were thick and didn't resemble tights. Now I have to gain the courage to wear them out once it warms up. No laughing at me, please. =)

We don't really get into Valentines day, but I had to share a picture of my little guy. I got a new smart phone and I am still learning the ins and outs and this picture turned out blurry. I mostly wanted to show off his cute shirt.

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  1. I LOVE IT! I would've been the same way! Cant wait to hear about the video at home.. but dont you need a bar?