Monday, December 16, 2013

3 Weeks Old

Charlie will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! At his 2 weeks appointment he weighed in at 9 lbs and measured 22.75 inches. So far he has been a pretty easy baby. Even an "easy" baby is tiring and challenging. But it has been so different from Colin.

He has a fussy period in the evenings and it makes dinner a little hard but I'm getting it done. We've been eating easy meals or I wait on nights Andrew is home a little earlier and not going for a run to make something a little more involved.

Charlie sleeps in our room right now, but has gotten moved to our closet, per Emily's suggestion. =) He is quite the noise maker in his sleep. He grunts and moans and whimpers. so cute, but can make falling asleep difficult. It also made me think he was awake and ready to eat earlier than necessary. He still gets up the same amount of times in the middle of the night to eat, but my quality of sleep for those small blocks of time have greatly improved! Since our closet is at the front of the house and has a window and air vent, I justified it as being a tiny bedroom. It also got me in gear to get it all cleaned up and organized. So two birds with one stone.

I've been keeping busy with Colin by doing puzzles (he is getting really good!) and we made gingerbread houses. He has his neighbor friends over to play often and they hang out in the playroom downstairs and keep the top floor nice and quiet for me.

I'm getting good at multi-tasking. Letting Charlie sleep in my lap while I wrap gifts. Or yesterday when I let Charlie nap on his belly in my room on his play mat while I put Colin in my big bath tub and washed him up. I let him play in the bath while I showered, dried my hair, and then cleaned the bathroom. Today I'm going to try hitting up Aldi with both boys. Wish me luck!

A few pictures from the last week.


  1. Great job Momma! Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hurry to visit! Can't wait to hold him! I Colin looks so big too and handsome as always.