Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! - Weekly Wrap Up

I'm going to sum up a couple weeks, since I didn't post last Friday.

So the first week of Christmas Break we went to McWane with Colin. He loves McWane but never gets to go since he is at school now. They had a train exhibit set up and both boys loved it. These boys never get tired of trains!

Memaw came for Christmas Eve and we decorated cookies after dinner. Santa also came around on his firetruck like he does every year. It is so exciting to hear the sirens and run out to see him riding on the top. If you ask Charlie what Santa rides, he won't say a sleigh. He answers with a firetruck. Ha! Charlie is also my kitchen helper. He wants to cook and stir all the time. I love it!

Christmas Day Memaw headed home to meet up with Uncle Will and Granny & Papa came to the house. I don't have a lot of pictures from Christmas Day. =( Santa has scaled way back over the years. Looking at old pictures, he went way overboard. So he pulled it in a made sure there were some fun gifts under the tree but didn't buy the entire Target.

The boys loved what Santa brought! It was a very Star Wars Christmas for Colin. He got the Ewok Village Lego set and some other Star Wars themed goodies. Charlie got an assortment of toys that interest him like a bus, a Mickey Mouse fire truck, a vet kit, and Magnaformers. My favorite gift was this tray from my mom. It looks so good on my kitchen table with flowers.

 This week Colin has been in Florida with Granny & Papa so it's just been the three of us. We've been lazy and hung around the house a lot. We did go to McWane again, this time with Daddy, and did breakfast at Edgar's. We tried the park one day but it has just been so wet and rainy. It was completely gross. I got my first Stitch Fix of the year and it had this really cute polka dot vest in it!

I found a new tea that I love at our bakery and I think Charlie may end up being a tea drinker too. He felt so big sipping out of a mug.

I got a coloring book for Christmas this year too. It is really relaxing to sit down with a coloring book, tea, and cookie. Who knew?

Colin comes home today and I'm looking forward to hearing how much fun he had!

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