Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shopping is done

Except for a few gift cards I need to pick up, my shopping is done. I did most of it through the Internet which made it easy. I have especially loved shopping for Colin. I can't wait until next Christmas when he is a little older and the toys are more fun for us to play with too. I have already been told that when he gets a Nerf gun for Christmas, Andrew is expecting one also.

Out of the toys I bought him, I already found my favorite. I hope he likes it as much as I do. His name is Scout and he is a LeapFrog toy. He learns your child's name and each paw does something different when it is pressed. The bottom right paw, he turns on. The top right paw plays happy/awake songs and music (think Mary Had a Little Lamb and The Muffin Man). The top left paw plays games - you program him to know your child's favorite color and food along with their name. Right now I said Colin's favorites are applesauce and the color blue. It will play "games" with him and teach him animal sounds. The bottom left paw I LOVE - it plays bedtime music. When I squeeze it it say, "2 minutes of bedtime music. Snuggle up Colin!"

If he doesn't like it, I might have to program it to say my name...b/c I played with it all last Thursday night. They have a girl one named Violet and I bet she is just as cute when she talks.

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