Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting back to normal

On Tuesday Dr Lowe did a throat swab, and chest x-ray, attempted a urine sample, and did some blood work. Everything came back as normal except his blood work that showed elevated levels of something that indeed indicated a virus. And after all that his fever broke that afternoon. He still isn't sleeping great yet, but no fever and a happy boy again during the day is making my life more pleasant.

My sister is still in the hospital and they are just waiting for her so they know everything is working again. She found out yesterday that she does have insurance. That was an answered prayer. I know, you are thinking "how do you not know if you have insurance??" Well, it involves applying for COBRA when she started working at Red Rooster and never hearing back from them...thankfully she is covered and the nice financial lady at Vanderbilt did the digging for her that she didn't know how to do.

Since she hasn't been released yet I am trying to figure out how to baby proof my office so I can bring Colin with me tomorrow since my mom has been staying up there with her. I am still not sure how this is going to work but I think I will need to bring my baby gate and many quiet toys. Hopefully he is on good behavior and doesn't bother anyone and we have no customers scheduled to come in tomorrow. I am ready for a normal week.

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  1. YAY! SO glad he's better!

    HOpe your sister gets to go home soon :)